Why it was better to save **** instead of ****.

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I believe that it is better to save Pete over Nick because of a few reasons.

  1. You get to spend his final minutes with him, help him as much as you can, and promise to keep Nick safe.

  2. Besides the alcohol thing, the dialogue about Nick killing his own mother can be found later on in the episode after the bridge (you obviously can't have the same dialogue with Pete, since he dies).


  • R.I.P
    Peter Joseph Randall

  • Pete was bitten, so I went with him.

  • I knew pete was smarter about things and he trusted me, so i returned the favour by going with him.

  • But nick sees his body torn up if you save pete.... Which was pretty depressing. But its not like seeing him eaten was any better anyway.

  • I went with Pete even though I knew he was bitten. I honestly thought Nick would be determinant at that point and I almost feel bad for Nick that I had rather chosen about 4 hours with Pete than a lifetime with Nick.

  • It's better to save nick instead of pete because it doesn't prolong Pete suffering in my opinion I first saved pete on my first playthrough but when I saw what would happen to him I made another playthrough where I save nick and about the dialogue with nick you do realize that's only optional right if you saved pete

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    In hindsight, ironically enough, even though he was dying Pete was a lot less depressing than Nick.

  • I chose Nick. I liked him more, he wasn't bit, and I think he needed me, because he doesn't seem like the type who does to well when left on his own-at least from an emotional standpoint.

  • I chose Pete. At the time I liked him better than Nick, and also he was bit and I wanted to be there with him before he died. R.I.P. Pete. :(

  • I know a lot of people (including myself) promised Pete we would look after Nick for him on his deathbed.

    My gut always said to go with Pete, I mean, he's calling for you to come to him. Pete was the first one to care for and give Clementine the benefit of the doubt when nobody else would. Yeah he was almost certainly bit, but it felt right choosing him and taking care of him in those last few hours. You get to ease his suffering as well as give him some closure on his life, knowing Nick will have people who care about him looking out for him.

  • I think the dialogue with Nick opening up about his mother and wanting to give up feels more natural when it's delivered in the shed situation, but you technically get more content going with Pete.

  • I don't think either scenario is inherently more "right" than the other, as both scenes are emotionally and very well done. I, however, do prefer the Pete scene, as he needs the screentime. I'd also feel like a jerk if I abandoned him after he stood up for me when I was bitten, which was the main reason I went with him. Plus, I feel that he died at the very least content knowing that Clem is looking out for Nick (if you promised him, like I did). Unless you're Scumbag Clem, in which case GTFO.

  • "Sometimes, you gotta play a role even if the ones you love, hate you for it..."

    -Uncle Pete

    I do hope I get to tell this to Nick at some point...

  • Same here. That was a very memorable thing for him to say. God bless that man.

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    I actually think the opposite of that. Seeing Pete die at that river was sad, but it was a heck of a lot worse to have to hear Pete talk about feeling scared and not wanting to die. I think saving Nick was the better choice.

  • I know man, that quote touched my heart :'l

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    My heart always goes on to saving Pete.
    Not only because he saved & trusted Clementine, but also because it seemed like he needed help the most. Nick looked like someone who could run to the house in safety and with Pete it looked like you can aid on by cutting his leg (which we didn't do sadly, well then again might have been the same situation as season 1 episode 2)

    That doesn't mean the other choice is not in any "competition". There seems to be some advantages when saving Nick. This is not just knowing Pete's full name.

    1. Nick mentally becomes a lot stronger in this case. Being supported by Clementine(I think this part is a choice), He sucks it up and saves Clementine. Where if you choose to save Pete, he becomes distraught at seeing Pete's body and Actually becomes Mentally weaker.

    2. He seems to become more friendly toward Clementine ("thanks for not giving up on me" - Nick, then again its a choice?)

    3. Clementine saves Nick from Walter by stating that Nick is a good man, If Nick saves you she says that "he saved my life". Where if you save Pete we can conclude that she is saving Nick's skin because she promised Pete that she would. So its like between what you promised and what is the truth, and in my opinion the truth makes it much better and stronger sense for her to save Nick than for a promise.It emphasis that she is being more caring to Nick and they are progressing toward a more fortified relationship.

    (sorry my wording is kind of weird but I hope you guys get what I meant to say).

    Telltale said that choosing between Nick and Pete will come to play majorly in the game so this might not be the end of it, who knows...maybe Nick's mentality will decide if he lives or if he dies...and sadly most importantly in a ZA, if he makes the right choice or the wrong choice.

  • I just want Nick to live. Telltale promised us "branching paths", but does that just mean stuff like the differences in location after aiding Nick/Pete, or legitimate changes? Are Nick and Alvin marked for death now?

  • As I have mentioned elsewhere...

    Pete gave you an opportunity to show how you would treat a bite victim - Pete gave Clem a chance despite the bite on her arm, and Clem got a chance to repay said kindness. Reminds me of how Ben was an allegory for Crawford in S1E4. I was relieved to see Pete wasn't going to need a hammer lobotomy though - going out with a heroic sacrifice like a boss.

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    Well...If you save Nick...later,share a drink with him...telling him that You're sorry about Pete...

    You get extra notifications with him like "Nick will remember this."

    I think it was worth it...

  • Rest in Peace, man. He was a good guy. As our friend, Morgan would say, "See, 'cause people like you, the good people, they always die. And the bad people do, too. But the weak people, the people like me... we have inherited the earth."

  • Pete was bitten, so I chose to do the heroic thing and help him out.

  • I wanted to saw Pete's leg to save him. I was pist when I didn't have that choice.

  • I read somewhere that Morgan will be returning to the show, perhaps this season.

  • I couldn't have said it better myself. Well said! :)

  • I initially chose Nick, because I saw that Pete was bitten, but was sad when I saw how angry Nick was with Clem for choosing him.

    So when my save file was erased I decided to save Pete the second time and was glad I did, it gave some great character moments for both Pete and NIck.

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    RIP Pete, mt favorite from all the new people in season 2.

  • I think that saving Nick is worth it just so that Clem can have her first drink. That sequence was just so damn neat, "It'll be your first drink... and your last!! Hehehe"

    Plus, I played through the scenario where you save Pete and geeeez it is just sad. Pete suffers throughout the entire night, is that really the goal?

  • I agree. Although I felt really guilty for leaving Pete in the heat of the moment, I had some really great moments with Nick. First he was in disbelief over Pete, then sorrow, then rage. Sticking with him and spending that night in the distillery really helped us bond (Drinking whiskey FTW), and if not for some of his character development and heroics that night I may not have backed him up as much in the Matthew situation.

    In short, when Walter asked me if Nick was a good guy, I said that he was because to me that was the truth. I had seen him at his complete worst, yet even at his worst (and most drunk) he was able to step up and be a hero. Nick is a damn good guy, I just don't want him to die a painful lonesome death.

  • I saved Pete in my first playthrough, and Nick in my second one. At the same time I feel like saving Pete is the better option (he gave me the benefit of the doubt, why shouldn't I?), the "thanks for not giving up on me" just melts my heart. :/

  • That would be awesome, he is one of my favorite characters (even though he only appears in two episodes).

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    Nick is a punk ass trick ass buster So I decided That Even Though pete Was bit he deserved a hand.

  • At first we didn't know if Nick was going to survive or not ... If we went with Pete ( we know he was going to die ) we were going to think that Nick died too .. so we lost two persons ..

    R.I.P Pete

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