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Option to turn off border in Vita version of Season 2?

posted by GdaTyler on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

Well, I recently bought the Vita version of the Walking Dead Season 2. However, the only thing that keeps me from enjoying it to the fullest is that border that is placed on the screen whenever there is a cutscene. I know it's not only me that has an issue, as many fellow Vita users have complained that it takes away from the immersion, is distracting and makes the screen even smaller than it is already. There is an IGN review for an example that criticizes this decision. The constant flickering is indeed annoying and it hampers the game's well-known and flawless transitions from cutscenes to gameplay. The Vita version of S1 was perfect, but the S2 version could achieve that same feeling without the distraction. It would really be better to have the beauty of the full screen without anything to cover it. I really hope one of you at Telltale sees this and hopefully releases an update in the future to at least give an option to turn on or off the borders. Thank you for listening, and besides that good work on the game so far ^_^

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