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Your 'Season 2'

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Hey guys, so I'd like to make a topic and this is what would your 'Walking Dead Season Two' be like, if *you** were the writer.

Try and include Episode names as well and try and lay out what you would do in as much detail as you want. Posts can be however long you want them to be.


  • Can I be the editor, instead? :)

  • Episode 1 - Time to beat people up
    Clementine kills people and burns every evidence of lee
    Episode 2 - Time to Re-Group
    Kenny returns and so does Molly and they get married and take care of clementine.
    Episode 3 - KILL CARVER
    A guy named Carver comes and tries to kill them all but he gets killed cause he sucks balls
    Episode 4 - KILL LUKE
    A guy named Luke tries take care of clem but ken and mol kill him cause he sucks
    Episode 5 - All that remains
    Everybody dies.

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    AmazingAura01 BANNED

    Lee was just sick from stress the whole time he fainted and came back. The bite wasn't a zombie bite he was just stabbed on a sharp object.

    THE END.

  • You know if I was a writer, I would start the game where Season One ended. Where Clementine seeing two figures, and that would've happened ; if you said to Clementine ''Find Omid And Christa.'' and ''Find a group.'' she will check if these persons are good people, but if you said ''Don't trust anyone.''or ''...'' she will afraid and walk away somewhere else. (Man, I don't know what would happen after that. You guys are the masters of writing scenarios. You decide. I'm stuck. :D) That will also effects her talk with Carver. Like distrust towards at him. ''Yes, I do mind!'' ''Please leave.'' and stuff and thaaaangs.

    Secondly, where Omid gets shot and Christa and Clementine looking at each other, that would bring us where 400 Days choices matters. Because location from 400 Days group are not far from this Pitstop. So here's my idea; If you only left Vince behind, Vince will check the Pitstop because of the gun shot and he will help Clementine and Christa. (Same thing goes if you only left Wyatt or Russel or Shel and Becca) If only Bonnie left the group and others stayed, all of them will help Clem and Christa. But if all group are left with Tavia, well... then this will bring us ''16 Months Later'' time jump.

    If you are a fans of small details, well let's do it;

    • If you gave Clementine apple in ''Starved For Help'' and then talking Alvin in ''All That Remains'', if Alvin gives Clementine Apple Juice, she will remember Lee and depending how much you were nice to her and what you did in the end in ''No Time Left'', if you shot him, she will smile but immediatly she will get sad remembering Lee's situation after the shot, if you spared Clem from murdering him, she will remember the best times she spend with Lee and she will smile and will say ''Thank you.'' to Alvin. If you didn't give Clem apple, well... she will have no mood on her face.

    • In ''Long Road Ahead'' where Lee gives advise to Clem about ''What did we learn?'' if you said ''We learned not to be afraid.'' in ''A House Divided'' where Luke and Clem thinking about two walkers, she will say ''Let's take 'em!'' If you said ''We learned that everything is dangerous.'' she will say ''I don't know about this.'' if you said ''You just need to hold the gun steadly.'' near finale in ''A House Divided'' she will shot all walkers without missing one.

    • (Again) In ''Starved For Help'' if you decided to take the supplies, In ''All That Remains'' if you find the Pete's watch, she will take it automatically. Same goes in ''A house Divided'' where Clem finds Matthew's knife. If you didn't take supplies, she will not take both of them and she will say ''I'm not a thief! This is belongs to someone.''

    • (And again) in ''Starved For Help'' if you decided to not going St. John's Dairy, Clementine will say to Christa; ''We shouldn't go to the Wellington. Nothing is going to be good in the end of it.'' If you agreed about going to the dairy, well... she will have no problem about travelling to Wellington.

    • (God, really? AGAIN?!) In ''Starved For Help'' if you told Larry to ''I'm not your enemy.'' in ''All That Remains'' Clem will be patience and keep her cool about Rebecca's agrresive talks and actions. If you said ''You're not worth hating.'' well... she will be sassy to Rebecca and say ''Whose baby is it?''

    • Depending how much of a bro you were to Kenny in the entire Season One, In ''A House Divided'' if you tell Kenny ''Don't, he'll kill them.'' he will remember Lee's actions to him, if you were his bro all the time he will listen Clementine and not shoot Johhny (Walter alive yaaaayy), other way around... you know... he will shoot Johnny (ah f*ck you Kenny).

    • If you deciced to find help at daylight in ''A New Day'' ''In Harm's Way'' you will see Chet in Carver's community. You know what happens if you choose to go at night.

    • In ''A New Day'' where Lee vs. Babysitter situation, you know fourth hit is optional. If you hit Sandra 3 times, in ''All That Remains'' Clementine will hit three times and she will make sure if walker is dead and after the walker is dead, she will leave the hammer with walker's head in the shed. (You know I'm not a fan of violence scenario.) If you hit her 4 times, well... you know what happens. (STFU and take it!)

    • In ''No Time Left'' where Clementine asks Lee ''What should I get first?'' if you told her ''The gun Clem. Always the gun.'' in ''All That Remains'' she will pick the gun before hiding in the bathroom. If you told her that ''Just get them both.'' she will pick her backpack and the gun. If you told her ''The keys. In case you have to make a run for it.'' she will only pick her backpack. If you stayed silent ''...'' Michelle scenario will happen. (R.I.P. Omid)

    • In ''Around Every Corner'' where Clementine opens mansion's door, if you said ''Don't ever do that again!'' in ''Amid The Ruins'' Clementine will go against Cabin Group's plan about destroying Carver and she will say ''This plan is suicide! And dangerous! Do you have any idea how many good people we're gonna lose in the end?!'' if you told her ''Good job, Clem.'' she will say ''We have to make sure he will not hurt anyone else again. World's got enough evil in it.'' If you told her ''You should've asked me first.'' she will say ''We have to think this through. This affects everyone.'' If you said nothing ''...'' she will agrees Cabin Group's plan automatically.

    • (Because of this one I will get a lot of downvotes. I'm ready.) In ''No Going Back'' where Carver and Clementine showdown happens, Carver gets the upperhand, if you pick the walkie talkie in ''Around Every Corner'' and cut the arm and left him and handcuff him in ''No Time Left'', we will see Walker Lee (no arm and no hand) tears the fuck out of Carver. (Same thing goes if you kept the arm and handcuff him. Or not he will have both of his arm and hands.) If you bring Clem to Crawford with you and save Molly, deciced to look the trash first cut the arm and left him, we will see Lee (alive) and Molly come in rescue to Clem. If you shot him, we will see nothing about Lee. Only Molly comes. (About that trash and walkie talkie thing, that part affects your bite mark if you noticed. If you pick the walkie talkie you will see your bite mark is deadly, if you look the trash first, you'll see your bite mark looks like a scratch. You don't believe me? Kept your arm and see it yourself.)

    Yeah... I just tried every decision player did mattered. Don't angry about me if some of them looks ridicolus to you. So these are my ideas. Thank you for reading this. Hey @puzzlebox, what do you think?

  • Lee comes back an FUCKS UP everyone who is trying to hurt Clem.

  • Omid would have survived the first ten minutes in mine.

  • I'd have more death than Telltale has already given us, I'd make the antagonist more ruthless and brutal, I'd give this season more emotion than what it already has.

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