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I purchased Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People several years ago. I went to boot it up for old times to do a play through. When I opened it it said that had not purchased the software and needed to purchase it again. Is this a normal thing or did spend the money in vain the first time. I did repurchase it, but would like to know if this is a thing that I need to worry about with the other games that I purchased from TellTale?


  • Macfly77Macfly77 Moderator

    You should not have to re-purchase digital software purchased from the Telltale Store.

    When an issue such as the one you encountered arises, you should e-mail Telltale's customer service at and state your issue. Include as much info as possible, including the order number for the game you're having an issue with (you can find that in your "Receipts" in the drop down menu that appears when you click on the down arrow to the left of the megaphone icon in the top-right corner of this page), the user name and the e-mail address linked to the account that purchased the game.

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