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Popular Questions: Where did Bill willingham come up with the idea of Fables?

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Where did Bill willingham come up with the idea of Fables?

    • They were created by Walt Disney

      • google some of the fables or Disney characters, and you'll see a miracle!

      • What makes you think they were created by Disney? Have you never read Grimm's Fairytales?

      • Actually......Disney got all it's movie ideas from old fairytales. The only ones Disney came up with on its own were Micky Mouse and his friends and very few other movies. All the princess movies are modified to have happy endings, whereas the original tales end in the "Princess" dying or something tragic, as they were told to children like a lesson. There was an actual moral to the story. Bill Willingham has pulled Fables from every culture into the comic series, not ONLY the ones we see in Disney movies. And he didn't base his characters off of the Disney versions. He took Disney's sources and wrote from there. Ex: Snow White was written by the Brothers Grimm and has the same loose story associated to the Disney movie but tends to go further than the movie did. The queen actually showed up at Snow's wedding to Prince Charming, before she was punished and forced to dance to death (In one variation of the original story).

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    Can't tell if troll or that stupid. They're folklore legends, entertaining stories created so long ago, no one knows their origin. All Disney did was turn them into cartoons and movies so they could make money. And besides, the Fable comics put a great spin on them that makes it unique and very engaging to read. I don't even... why would you ask something like this? Disney doesn't own the rights to these stories because they are folklore stories. So there is no plagiarism or stealing, it's a unique twist on existing legends. Seriously, what is wrong with you?

  • Actually, yes, Bill was very good friends with Walt Disney. In Fact it was Walt himself who came up with the original idea of the Fables comic. Sadly he died before he could make it happen, but his good friend Bill and Disneys Family decided to bring this last idea to life. That is why you can find many characters created by Walt Disney in the comics. They are not stolen, instead they are added to the story as a sign of respect for Walt Disney, the original creator of Fabletown.

  • Lol, they are based on european and middle eastern folklore. Walt just capitalized on them.

  • Get comic issue no 1 and read first page describing why he used what he used

  • Heh. Yeah... The Concept of those Characters are in the Public Domain. Most of People just believing they were invented by Disney, because everyone grew up with this Versions. And therefore they are the most common Versions. Fables are those in Mature if you want so.

  • Seriously? What possessed you to make this topic based on false facts and assumptions? Just chill with these constant discussions, alright? Take a break for a good long while.

  • Just for your information in case you really are not trolling they were not made by Disney but mostly written down by Grimm brothers originating from folklore, some were made by Andersen for example then you have nursery rhymes such as Georgie Porgie, There Was a Crooked Man and even mythology like Weyland Smith and Grendel.

  • I don't think she is a troll, but she is misinformed.

    None of those fables were invented by Disney, they were used by Disney.

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