Modding tools / software Question/Poll

Many games like Skyrim/Fallout/Oblivion/etc provide players with many hours of gameplay and such . However in each and everyone of them , the only reason I would stick around the game is the mods that come after , changing the entire game . Literally in the cases of New Vegas and Skyrim , I only played the main quest unmodded , then I restarted the game with loads of mods .

I wonder if Telltale will ever be able to release modding tools to the community , so people may be able to create their own stories within a set universe . Obviously , I am not aware of how developers of TT make their games and whether its easy to alter parts of them or not , but I really wonder if it could ever be possible .
I've never seen such a discussion taking place about TT games and I really wonder why since modding is both useful to the developer and the player . The player enjoys the game more , the developer gets new ideas on what the people want . Giving the example of New Vegas , where many mods of Fallout 3 became part of the actual game , due to their popularity .

I guess that since the game is released in episodes it would be hard to have modding tools before every episode is released and the problem is that once all five episodes are released , it would mean you are about to mod a game that is about 1 year old .

So , what do you guys think ? Would you like mods on telltale games ? Would you support them ? Do you think that Telltale could release good modding tools in any of their next-gen games ? If not , why ?

EDIT -> Made a poll about it for the ones that have no time to reply


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