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Could've Ichabod Crane known Snow was alive the whole time?

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Since Crane had Lily glamoured up like Snow White, then wouldn't he have known the real Snow White wasn't really dead? How could Crane be so easily fooled on the real Snow and glamoured Lily. He of course had tried to keep a straight face the whole time and or played along. Unless he was just shocked Lily was dead

  • I think he'd have been none the wiser. His reaction to her entering the torture room suggests so

  • Crane seemed surprised that she was a troll and a mundy drug user (if you mention the track marks when he asks what we have found out, he gets worried about diseases), so he didn't know it was Lily. To me he expected the body to be Faith's, Nerissa or other female prostitute. He probably trusted Vivian to get a girl, asking no to know who she was to help not to break his little play. But, yes, I too wondered about he having no clue the head wasn't Snow's. By the scene in the car it suggests he didn't have a clue and was really shocked, about to get depressed and everything...
    I'm thinking maybe the massage he had appointed with Vivian wasn't his Snow play. That somebody took the picture we found of him and a Snow glamoured prostitute from Faith (what the Tweedles were after), then tried to frame Crane for Lily's dead by having Lily glamoured, recreating the scene and killing her there. I think that's one of the hundreds of thousands of possibilities. That would explain why Crane had no clue why somebody would be glamoured as Snow, but in finding out it was one of the prostitutes he was having he was shocked to know she was a troll and a drug addict and was fearful that the investigations would uncover his sick secret. Forcing him go after the prostitutes to find the true about their "preposterous schemes".

  • Crane is probably clueless to what we already know. The whole "these lips are sealed" thing is clearly something much bigger and part of a society willing to kill anyone to keep it under wraps. Now we just have to figure out why they're all being "forced" to say that when asked for more info.
  • My theory:
    Ichabod was so in love with Snow White, he contacted The Crooked man, made a deal with him, then he got Lily (as glamours), and Idunno what the deal was, but then when Bigby find out who was with Lily, The Crooked man probably needed him alive for something important.
  • Well maybe crane knew, I just want to know why he didn't admit it if he did.
  • I doubt he knew, he was depressed. The scene in the car seemed one of his rare moments of complete honesty.
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