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Finally, a good racing wheel for the Wii! My review for it

posted by Dr. Zoidberg on - last edited - Viewed by 187 users
Before I saw this wheel in a store, I thought no one was going to bother to make an even half-realistic racing wheel for the Wii, even though it has racing games that aren't named Mario Kart.I really wanted a realistic racing wheel to play with Need for Speed Carbon, and I was able to get this one for like 20 dollars, so if you're getting sick of the Nintendo model not feeling remotely steering wheel-like, like I was, I recommend this model.

That's what it looks like.(sorry for the blurry photography)

I put it on my music stand(in table-top position) as a surface for the wheel(but something like a TV tray or a coffee table would work just fine, too), but you can also keep it positioned on your lap.I wouldn't recommend doing that, though, as it gets quite wobbly.The wheel has a little clamp that holds the Wiimote in with extra reinforcement, and the wheel is overall very sturdy.

Another perk is that the wheel is collapsible, and you can also take the wheel off the shaft if you want to play without it.The wheel itself is very small, not much bigger than Nintendo's model, but it has a much better rubber-plastic grip.

One last perk is that if for some reason you want to play Mario Kart or something with the shaft on, you can adjust the movement of the wheel on the y-axis so that if you're playing a racing game you'll want a sturdy wheel for, like a Need for Speed game, you can make it so the wheel doesn't move on the y-axis, but since you have to shake the wheel to do tricks in Mario Kart, you can set it so that you can shake the wheel in any direction on the ball at which the wheel is mounted.

So all in all, I'd give this wheel a solid 8.5 out of 10, the deductions being that it doesn't sit in your lap well and the wheel is far from normal size(not much bigger than Nintendo's model), and the perks being its realistic steering column, its collapsibility, and its sturdyness.

Oh, by the way, if you want to find it, I found mine at a Gamestop.It's called the Multi-Axis Racing Wheel by Core Gamer.
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