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What special abilities, if any, do you think BCW and Tiny Tim have?

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This is more of a poll than anything else, as it's way too early to make a concrete theory. These are just guesses, but I'd like to hear what others think too.

Someone (I forgot who, sorry) early on speculated that Tiny Tim might have the ability to shrink to a very small size. I like this idea, and I can think of a pretty good use for it. I am thinking that this could have been the way Crane got his Snow Glamours. Tim shrinks under the door at night, goes in and takes Snow's picture and a lock of hair.

For the BCW, I am thinking more complex. I think he might have the ability to make doubles (perhaps even multiple clones of himself). This is how he appears to be everywhere at once. As a backstory, this power could stem from wanting to cry wolf to more villages or also an alibi for when he started to be accused often. I believe these clones the potential to be glamoured. I think these doubles or clones are able to walk and even fight (to a point), but I think their ability to talk is limited. If killed, I do not think the clones' deaths would have a potential bad effect on BCW (except for maybe a cooldown period).

Now this is just my guess, (and again it is way too early to tell): I also think that one character is nothing more than a glamoured double of BCW. I don't think Dum is actually real. Yes, I know, the actual characters from the Lewis Carroll story are twins, but this is a modern adaptation of many fables. Also, Dee and Dum aren't in the comics, so they have free range for plot twists. I think this because:

  1. Only Dee talks (with one exception, see ahead).
  2. Dum's only appearances (3) have all been immediately preceded by a BCW spotting (The first was when BCW "double" got hit by that couch when you chase Dee -- he doesn't make a sound, by the way. The second was at the funeral (cab driver). The third was with Bloody Mary (cab driver).
  3. Dee only talks at Dum (gives commands), and Bloody Mary doesn't talk at or to Dum at all.
  4. If you kill Dum at the end of episode 3, Dum speaks his only line, "Fuck you, Wolf!" Not f you, Bigby, or F you (four letter word) or F you Sheriff or F you "constable" (as Dee once called him), he calls him Wolf. Now, he is a wolf, so it's not hugely compelling, but I think, in his dying breath, that was the only insult he could muster up because it was the only thing a double of BCW could remember.
  5. Toad states in episode two, "You have to strip em down to their johnnies to tell which one is which." At first, I thought this was a joke. But even if it was, why would he say it? If you work it into my idea, maybe Toad is saying you have to "strip em down to their johnnies" to see that Dum's red carpets don't match his dark brown/black drapes.

The Dum thing I know won't get much support, but what do you at least think of the double theory? He does seem to be everywhere. Also what about Tiny Tim?

And of course, post your guesses here too. From no powers at all, to the two being the masterminds behind everything.

  • So you are saying that Boy who cried wolf is Dum

  • If it is Tiny Tim. Neither would have any powers. Both are just regular humans in their stories especially Tiny Tim as Dickens work is set in the real world and the only element of supernatural in his works is the ghosts Scrooge encounters.
    • Yes, you`re right. They shouldn`t have any unusual powers. Maybe they stole some magical artefacts, that may explain the spell The Crooked Man put on girls.
      I don`t even think Cryer is an important character. He appears too many times so he`s probably just a reused model.
  • Cloning really seems going too far. And yes, it`s weird Dum only got one line but maybe he only likes to talk with his brother.
  • Cryer is not a repeated model. I cannot be 100% sure of that, but I am about 99% sure of it. Many writers have been attributed to have said, "Great writers never include anything superfluous or unnecessary." Well, the same goes for great game designers. It'd be an embarrassment for TTG to have just reused him over and over without purpose. Remember, Cryer appears outside cabs. If he were just the cab driver, fine, however he isn't. He's definitely not a reused model.

    Yes, I agree with, "They shouldn't have any unusual powers", but when I made this thread, there were a few others presumptuously speculating that they do have powers. That's why I put, "What special abilities, if any...". As well as why I put, "'s way too early to make a concrete theory. These are just guesses..."

    Yes, cloning was the wrong word. That evokes a sci-fi type connotation. I mean to spawn a double or create a doppelganger.

    Again my first post was full of only guesses. No theories. Still I am intrigued By Toad's very odd quote below.

    "You have to strip em down to their johnnies to tell which one is which."

    If you work it into my idea, maybe Toad is saying you have to "strip em down to their johnnies" to see that Dum's red carpets don't match his dark brown/black drapes. At first, I thought the quote was a joke, but there are a few problems. 1) It's not funny. 2) Joke or not, why would he say it? Why would he let the players know there is such a difference? It's a silly guess, but it makes perfect sense if you temporarily take my premise of Cryer's special ability to be true.

    What kind of natural explanations would explain such a bizarre quote? Are Dee and Dum so stupid that they have to wear different underwear to know who is who? Well that wouldn't surprise me either...
    • I doubt they are that dumb, or maybe they`re writing their notes in their underwear :)) , anyway, we can recognise them after their hats, Toad may have not known this. My problem about Cryer is that he appears in two places at about the same time, that`s pretty impossible, unless he can teleport. When we chase Dee in episode 1 we`ll see him lying around. How did he knew that we`ll be there? Yet again, let`s try thinking him as Dum. Dee couldn`t have let him know that Bigby is on his tail. Maybe that was their planed escape route. Maybe Dum used a glamour to surprise Bigby after all. Now we must think if he`s really a taxi driver.
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf is alive and well and living at the Woodlands in the comics, so I doubt he's directly involved in the murders. I also doubt he's cloning. It seems more like he's Fabletown's official taxi driver, or maybe just Snow's or the Woodlands Office's personal driver in the guise of a taxi, since she and Bigby talk pretty freely with each other on the backseat in episode 1, and he's seen driving every taxi either of them gets into.

    As for why we run into him in the same area where Faith and Lawrence lives, maybe he lives there too by the time of the game? I got the impression that it's one of the places where less successful Fables are housed. At any rate, we're definitely going to have to take him in at some point in the next two episodes. They won't just give him such a relevance to Bigby's backstory and then have him drive people all over the place and turn up twice out of nowhere without at least giving him a little relevance to the plot itself.
  • Yes, Jack claimed that he knows The Boy Who Cried Wolf. I still think the ginger guy is just a reused model made to confuse us and throw us on fake leads.
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