The Walking Dead: God Help Us Part 2

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Eliza's shirt is completely soaked in blood. Christa lifts her onto her side to check for an exit wound. Fortunately, there is one.

  • Christa: Fuck. Oh fuck.
  • Eliza: OWW!!! IT HURTS!!!!
  • Christa: Clementine, go and get the first aid kit now! Jacob, keep her laying on her side!

Clementine runs to the shelf and takes the first aid kit and hands it to Christa. She opens the case and starts digging her way into it.

  • Christa: Shit! Come on, where is it?!

After a few moments, Christa finally takes out a bottle of disinfectant and a needle & thread. She uncaps the bottle and pours a bit of it onto the exit wound. Eliza starts moving uncontrollably.

  • Eliza: UUUUGGGHHH!!!!
  • Christa: I know! I know it hurts, but I promise it'll be over soon!

Christa folds up a shirt and places it on the ground. She pulls Eliza down and onto her back. She pours the disinfectant on the entry wound.

  • Eliza: (breathing heavily) OOOWWWWW!!
  • Christa: Clementine, get the needle ready!

Clementine takes the needle and slips the thread through the hole. She hands it to Christa.

  • Christa: Ok, I'm gonna need you to pay attention. If this happens again and I'm not around, you NEED to learn how to do this, okay?
  • Clementine: (nods) Please save her!
  • Christa: ...I'll do the best I can. (to Eliza) Eliza, sweety, this is going to hurt. Just...hang in there.

Clementine watches as Christa begins suturing Eliza's stomach. Clementine looks back and sees that Eliza's screams are attracting walkers. The cold is making them slow down.

  • Clementine: Uh, Christa?!
  • Christa: Clem, focus!

Seeing how slow the walkers or moving, Clementine focuses her attention to Eliza. Christa has just started a third loop. Eliza's tightening her grip on Jacob's hand. After finishing the entry wound, Christa pushes Eliza onto her side to stitch up the exit wound. Jacob and Clementine hold her still while she works.

Clementine hears a thud and sees that a walker has fallen on the stairs trying to get inside.

  • Christa: Fuck. Clem!
  • Clementine: I got it.

Clementine grabs Cameron's gun and shoots the walker in the head. She sees more walkers coming to the cabin, but they are all shot and killed. She looks in the forest and sees Norman, Jen, and a man named Isaac running to her.

  • Norman: Cameron told us what happened! We have a doctor with us! His name's Isaac; he can help her!
  • Christa: Don't fucking bother!

Christa comes out, hands and shirt caked in Eliza's blood. She grabs Cameron's gun out of Clementine's hand and aims it Norman. He puts his hands in the air.

  • Christa: WHERE IS HE?!
  • Norman: Christa, I know this looks bad, but believe me! This was not supposed to happen!
  • Clementine: You sent him and his friends to take Jacob and our deer!
  • Christa: What...?

Christa looks out and sees the blood trail.

  • Christa: You just couldn't leave us alone! I should kill you!!
  • Jen: Wait, stop! We didn't even know that he took off to take the deer! We swear!
  • Clementine: My friend could've died!
  • Christa: I'm gonna ask you again; where is that bastard?!
  • Isaac: Look, just let me took a look at that girl and--
  • ???: (cocks gun) Alright! Everybody just shut the fuck up!!

Everyone looks back and sees three men. Two holding blunt weapons (baseball bat and golf club) and the frontman holding a shotgun. They all look like Southerners. The frontman looks much more mature than the other two. They slowly walk towards the group and Norman aims his gun at the strangers. Isaac takes out a pistol.

  • Norman: (whispers to Christa) Go inside, and wait till the coast is clear. Keep that baby quiet.
  • Christa: Goddammit. Clem, get in.
  • Norman: (to Jen) You too, hon.
  • Jen: What? No!
  • Norman: Dammit just shut up and go inside!

They both go into the cabin, and Christa slowly closes the door. Clementine runs to Eliza and Jacob. Eliza's still breathing in pain.

  • Jacob: Clem, what's going on?
  • Eliza: Clem...
  • Clementine: We're under attack.
  • Jen: Jacob! Thank God your safe!
  • Jacob: Cameron! Where is he?!
  • Christa: Shh! Keep quiet!

Christa goes to Junior to quiet him down. All everyone can do now is just wait and listen to what's going on outside.

  • Norman: Who are you?
  • Preston: Name's Preston. These are my boys, Chester and Cletus. Y'all are trespassin' on our turf!

  • Christa: Goddammit...

  • Isaac: Look, we don't won't any trouble! We have a kid who just got shot, and we're trying to save her life!

  • Cletus: Ain't our problem. We own this cabin, and we won't hesitate to kill any of you!

Clementine can hear people running.

  • Cameron: DAD!! I'M COMING!!

The running is followed by a gunshot.

  • Cameron: AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!
  • Norman: NO!!! CAMERON!!

  • Jen: (gasps) No. What have they done!

  • Jacob: ...Cameron...?

  • Rory: Oh God! What have you done!

  • Preston: Boys, go and take hold of those two and the bleeder!

Christa has managed to quiet down the baby. Clementine looks down at Eliza, holding her hand. Jacob as at the back, looking around on the floor and notices something unusual.

  • Jacob: Clementine, look!

Clementine walks to Jacob and notices something strange in the floor. She sees some straight cracks that form a perfect square in the floor. She stands up and kicks the square in. It's revealed to be a hidden trapdoor. Christa notices.

  • Christa: A way out?
  • Jacob: Looks like it.

Clementine gets up and walks to Eliza.

  • Clementine: ...We need to get you out of here.
  • Christa: You're right. We do need to get you out of here.
  • Clementine: Wait, what?
  • Jen: You too, Jacob. You kids need to get out of here.
  • Clementine: Wait, what about you?
  • Christa: If they come in, we'll distract them long enough to buy you all some time.
  • Jacob: No. No no no. We are NOT gonna leave you!

Jen walks up to Jacob, kneels down and hugs him.

  • Jen: I'm so sorry for what we did to you. But I need to make it up to you. And if giving my life to save yours is they only way that I can ever redeem myself, then so be it.
  • Jacob: (starts tearing) Oh, Mom!!

Jacob hugs Jen as hard as he can. Clementine walks to Christa. Junior is wide awake, but he looks a bit distressed. Christa kisses his forehead before hugging him tightly.

  • Christa: Clementine, I need you...I need you to take him with you.
  • Clementine: What?! But I--
  • Christa: I don't wanna hear it. I'm not letting those creeps get there hands on any of you.
  • Clementine: ...I'll...I'll try...
  • Christa: Please, keep him safe.

Clementine packs food in her backpack and fits her pistol into her hoodie pocket. Christa wraps Junior in a warm blanket and hands him over to Clementine. Junior starts getting fussy.

  • Clementine: (bouncing him up and down) Shh. You're gonna fine.
  • Jen: All of you! Into the trapdoor now!

Jacob grabs a crutch before stepping into the hole. Luckily, the ground isn't to far from the floor.

  • Clementine: Eliza, can you walk?
  • Eliza: I'll....I'll try...

Eliza slowly tries to get up. She holds her stomach once she gets on both legs.

  • Christa: The both of you, go now!

Clementine gently eases her way into the hole with Junior in her arm. Eliza tries getting down, but she ends up bending down with both legs and drops herself to ground. She lands on both feet, but due to her injuries, it felt quite painful for her.

  • Eliza: AAGHH!!
  • Clementine: Are you okay?
  • Eliza: I....I'm fine. Let's just get out of here.
  • Christa: I'll find you!!
  • Clementine: I know. I'll find you too.

Gunshots are heard followed by banging on the door.

  • Preston: Open the fuckin' door!
  • Christa: Get out of here! Just run! And keep running!

The kids crouch down and make there way out from under the cabin. Eliza's having a hard time keeping up.

  • Clementine: Let's go!
  • Eliza: (holding her stomach)...Just...give me a second...
  • Jacob: We gotta get the hell out of here!

The kids quickly move their way into the dark, snowy woods until the cabin is completely out of sight.. Eliza's tailing behind Jacob, who's behind Clementine. Along the way, Junior starts acting up.

  • Clementine: No. Junior not now.

Junior starts crying. Clementine stops running, trying to get him to calm down.

  • Jacob: Clem, we have to keep going!
  • Eliza: (gasping for air) I can't...keep running.

A walker, wakened by the Junior's crying, emerges from the bushes and attacks Jacob. Clementine pulls out her gun and shoots it in the head. As Jacob pushes the walker off, he shows that he had a knife and was ready to kill it himself. He looks at Clementine.

  • Jacob: NO! Why did you do that?!
  • Clementine: (notices his knife) Oh shit...

Clementine can here the men's voices from far away.

  • Cletus: Pap! I just heard a gun out there!
  • Preston: Go get 'em! Bring 'em back!

  • Eliza: RUN!!

The kids quickly run farther into the woods, hoping to get away from Cletus. While running, they come across a small ravine. Below is large, flat stone that they can hide under. Clementine goes down with ease, Jacob struggles getting down, but Eliza falls after stepping down. She lands in front of the hiding place, where Clementine and Jacob can see her. She slowly gets up and makes her way to the blind spot.

  • Clementine: Are you okay?
  • Eliza: ...ugh. I think...I popped one of the stitches.
  • Jacob: We'll be okay. We just need to--

They are startled by a sudden flash shining near the stones proximity.

  • Cletus: Where are you?

They can Cletus' footsteps drawing closer to them. Suddenly, they here the sound of him tripping and falling down the ravine. He lands right in front of the kids.

  • Cletus: (gasping for air) F...fuck...
  • Jacob: Let's go!

They continue on down the ravine until they come across a river. They look behind them and see a group of walkers heading towards them. Clementine looks down the stream and sees a canoe tied to a dock.

  • Clementine: Over there!

They quickly make their way to the dock. Clementine shoots down any walker that gets in their path while holding Junior in the the other arm. The gunshots are making him very agitated. They manage to make it to the canoe. Jacob unties the rope tied to dock and jumps into the canoe. He uses his crutch to push them away from the dock. The river carries them through the stream slowly. Clementine sits at the front, Eliza's sitting in the middle, and Jacob is resting in the back.

  • Jacob: (gasping) I think...I think we're okay.
  • Eliza: (holding her stomach) ...Finally.
  • Clementine: Oh no...

Clementine see Cletus limping his way to the dock followed by a group of walkers.

  • Clementine: GET DOWN!!

Everyone ducks down. Clementine hears a gunshot followed by screams coming from Cletus as he's being eaten alive. Clementine peeks up and sees that the coast is clear. She looks out into the water and sees a straight path a head.

  • Clementine: We're okay. (turns to the others) We're going to be-- (gasps)!

Eliza looks behind her. They've discovered that Jacob has been shot through the back and is coughing up blood.

  • Eliza: JACOB!! NO!!

Tears are flowing down Eliza's and Clementine's eyes. Jacob is desperately trying to breathe, but it's no use. He eventually succumbs to his wound and draws his last breath. Eliza's sobbing over Jacob's body. Clementine holds Junior tightly.

Seconds later, Clementine moves in closer to Eliza to comfort her.

  • Clementine: Eliza...I'm sorry...but I need you to hold him for a minute.
  • Eliza: ...why...? What are you going to do?
  • Clementine: I...I need you to understand...I have to keep him from turning.

Clementine hands Junior over to Eliza. She takes out her pocket knife and prepares to stab his head.

  • Eliza: What do you think you're doing?!
  • Clementine: The bite isn't what turns you into one of them. I have to destroy the brain before he comes back and attack us.

Eliza holds Junior and looks away while Clementine proceeds to stab Jacob's head. She close his eyes afterwards. The girls lay down in the canoe and let the river take them where they need to go.

  • Eliza: Poor Jacob...


Clementine wakes up and notices that the canoe has stopped. She gets up and sees that the canoe has landed on shore. She sees Eliza sleeping with Junior in her arms. She stands up and steps out the canoe and looks around. Light snow falls from the white, cloudy sky. Opposite of the beach is a road going from side to side and behind it is the forest. Clementine looks behind and sees that the river has taken them to large pond.

She looks to left side of the beach sees a hut. She goes in and finds a bunch of beach toys and a few shovels. She walks out and to the right of the beach is an old abandoned car. She walks to it and finds a small, bloodied baby carriage. She takes it out of the car and brings it to the canoe. Eliza has woken up and is looking over Jacob's body. She turns to Clementine.

  • Eliza: We need something for him.

Clementine looks back at the hut.

  • Clementine: I know what we can do.

With Junior sitting in the carriage, the girls dig up a hole in the beach with the shovels found in the hut. Afterwards, they carry Jacob's body and carefully place him into the hole. Eliza chokes up trying to hold back her tears before she's ready to proceed to burying Jacob.

Eliza uses Clementine's knife to carve JACOB into a wooden plank and sticks it on the burial site. She kneels down and mourns the loss of their fallen friend. Clementine stands near her and puts her hand on Eliza's shoulder.

  • Eliza: ...It should've been you.
  • Clementine: What...?
  • Eliza: I got shot. He got shot. All you have is a bruise.
  • Clementine: Don't say that.
  • Eliza: But it's true...

Clementine turns back and looks into the path.

  • Clementine: We have to find Christa.
  • Eliza: We don't even know where we are...
  • Clementine: We'll find a way. We just need to walk towards the cabin.


The story continues in At Fate's Mercy.


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