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Sam & Max Season 3 XBL

posted by StraightNoobin on - Viewed by 1.9K users

Is there any news of Sam & Max season 3 being released on xbox live? I'm in love with those games and would really like to enjoy them on my xbox. I know they are available on steam and else where but I like to play on xbox. Help a brother out teeltale.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator
    I'm just a volunteer moderator and not from Telltale, but I think I know the reason why Telltale has not released some of their titles on Xbox - and it is outside of Telltale's control.

    Basically, Microsoft has this policy for Xbox 360 titles where if a title is not released on Xbox in the same time frame it is released on other platforms, it does not get to be on Xbox 360 at all.

    Again, I'm just guessing here, but that seems to be the likely culprit.
  • the thing is: Telltale did a bad and unfair distribution of their games on the consoles,so unless you are a PC gamer,you can't enjoy most of their catalogue on a single console.Here some examples:

    you can't play all Sam & Max games on a single console because S1 and S2 were released on XB360 and Nintendo Wii,but not on PS3.Meanwhile Season 3 was only released on PS3,nor 360 and neither Wii,and only a year after this they decided to finally release Season 2 on PS3,but we still don't have S1 on the PS3 and neither S3 on Wii and 360 to this day.

    Wallace and Grommit:360 only,Wii and PS3 owners were unlucky with this one.Plus,the license expired and now you can't buy this game anywhere except for the physical copies for the PC.

    Tales of Monkey Island: released on Wii and PS3.360?No chance

    Strong Bad:PS3 and Nintendo Wii.No 360

    Puzzle Agent:first game got released on PS3 and there were plans for a Wii port but it got cancelled and the sequel got no console ports at all.There were plans to release on PS3,but they cancelled it for some reason like they did to first game on Wii

    Law & Order Legacies: no console ports at all

    Back to The Future:PS3 and Wii.No 360

    Poker Night:first game is PC only,but the sequels were also on PS3 and 360

    Hector Badge of Carnage:no console ports.There were plans for a PS3 release but got cancelled.

    only starting with Jurassic Park that they began to be more organized and having their major releases to be on the main consoles almost simultaneously(Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us are even getting Vita releases.Walking Dead apparently is getting next-gen ports soon and Bordelands and Game of Thrones are also going to be on next-gen consoles.)
  • Jurassic Park didn't get an Xbox release did it?

    I'd like to think Microsoft will either sort their policies out or TTG will re-release their entire back catalogue on ps4/xbox one.. But maybe I'm just day dreaming on that one. It would be nice to have one console with most of the games on rather than the current mess-about!

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      I think Jurassic Park did get an international Xbox release, but I'm not sure.

      I agree that having classic Telltale titles on more platforms would be nice, but given Telltale's new direction, I'd suspect they are more inclined to focus on their tailored narrative titles that establish their new identity.

      • I looked up the JP xbox release, it was region locked to USA :(

        I love their new direction, and I wholly support them! Buuuuut I think they should hire a small team to port everything they've ever made to every platform they develop for, for selfish reasons!

  • Its a real shame sam and max wasn't released on xbox the first two were great, I don't know if I will ever get the opportunity to play the third.

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