Some new music, from me! (20 Minute Song Compilation)

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Here's a new trailer while you guys wait for the new trailer. I hope you like it. (EDIT: Upped the quality of the video, so it's less blurry)

EDIT (05/29/2014): Here's something else I just uploaded. Took me a few weeks to piece together, what with juggling work and other things'n'stuff.

EDIT (06/15/2014): Made a new video, this one making TWD S1 look more like a 1960's horror movie, or more specifically, the original Night of the Living Dead. Took a bit of a shorter time than expected, and although I think I can make further improvements on it, it's good enough to be uploaded and shared to the masses. Enjoy!

EDIT (07/08/2014) Thought about the piano bits in the Remember Me tune from Anadel's "In Harm's Way" Credits song, and then I looked to see if anyone else had used it in a trailer. Remarkably, nobody so far (to my knowledge). So I chopped the song up and mixed a few pieces together so it would be more of an instrumental version, then quickly spliced a few scenes from Ep.3 to make a short little "summary" of Clem's experience within Camp Carver.

EDIT (07/22/2014): Saw a new fan-trailer from a fellow video editor that showed a lot of promise. His video needs some views, as it is one of the more moving and professionally made trailers I've seen. Now, I know at this time, Telltale themselves had retweeted some other trailer made from someone with thousands of subscribers, but I want to pull the spotlight away for a moment so that someone else, other than myself, can bask in the glory of some recognition. At the moment, I'm having an on-off relationship with a 400 days video, but until then, everyone should enjoy this trailer. Leave a comment if you could. I'm sure he'd greatly appreciate it.

EDIT (08/04/2014): Finally finished the 400 Days video I've been slaving away at. This took me too long of a time just fixing up until I was satisfied with the end result. I actually had to scrap an entire section and rebuild the whole video portion due to low quality footage. I replaced it all with better video, having to cut and replace each scene and figure out the audio changes bit by bit. It was a hell of a time, so I hope you all like it.

EDIT (08/17/2014): A few weeks ago, a Clementine Trailer popped up on Youtube. I've seen it spread through Reddit, and two users posted it here on the forums. I originally made it as an entry to a video contest, which unfortunately got cancelled. One of the rules to this contest was that I was prohibited to tell anyone that I had made the video until the winners were announced. With the contest at an end, I am now free to show it to you all. I'm sure you've all seen it already, and I have already submitted it to another trailer competition. I'm glad to see that it gone through over 2000 views without showing it off anywhere, so... yeah. When that happened, I was quite shocked! I'm happy to hear you all enjoyed it, so now here it is again.

EDIT (09/23/2014): Got back to practicing some music transitions and medley compositions with Goldwave. The first bit was just recreating the BGM from my Clementine trailer, but without any visual cues it's a bit more difficult trying to find a proper sound to each song. So far, I've finished six songs, but only three of them are worth uploading. I'm not sure about one of the failures in particular, it goes on for too long, sounding too similar for a lengthy period of time. I don't really want to just post any untouched music tracks and call it a day, as that would be too easy to do. I'd like to feel fulfilled with an upload, and by putting in more effort then needed, I can get that fulfillment. Anyway, here are the three tracks for your listening pleasure.

(Clementine Trailer Medley)

(Alone At The River)

(Loved Ones Lost)


EDIT (09/30/2014): Just finished uploading a near twenty minute compilation track for those looking to tune out to some TWD tunes. None of the tracks are any of the high-adrenaline action pieces, or any of the tense fearful ones. They're all peaceful, hence the name of the collection. Hope you all enjoy it!

("It Feels Peaceful" Collection)



  • This triggered all kinds of feels.

  • Awesome trailer, I really loved all the quotes.

    One question: What programs did you use to make this? I mean recording and editing.

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    I took a youtube playthrough using an in-browser downloader. Then, I extracted the game's audio after purchasing it on Steam, which shouldn't be too hard to find with a proper Google search. After I gathered the scenes and the voiceovers, I used Pinnacle Studio 12 to arrange the trailer together.

    This all took me three or four days to finish, juggling my full-time job and sleep with it. As for eating... Meh.

  • Really nice. :) Feels though :C I also have some (ok, maybe more) trailers on my youtube channel. The Walking Dead too. ;) This one is pretty good.

  • Thanks. I went and searched for all the Fan Trailers for TT's TWD during the production of this one, so I could see what I could improve on compared to the others. Perhaps I've seen yours already?

  • Thanks for the tips! Again, great video! : D

  • Maybe, maybe not. If you want to know then I could send you a message on youtube or give you a link to my channel here.

  • Thanks. I'm hoping to make more trailers for other games, but I've also been considering crafting character specific trailers, kinda like how the start of this one is centered around Clem growing up in the ruined world.

  • Sounds great, looking forward to it!

  • Awesome video !

  • Hey, thanks. I'm gonna go back and brush it up a bit, make it less blurry and improve the SFX within the video.

    After that, maybe I'll move onto another game, or I'll see if I can make TWD Season 1 into a buddy comedy movie. :)

  • The newest one you posted was great as well! Keep it up!

  • Will do. Only problem is that it takes me a long time to finish these things. I often move entire sequences, or scrap whole segments into the trash because they don't "stick" with me. I'll see what else I can do next after fixing up the first video. Do shorter <1minute teasers based around each character from S1? I already have ideas for Lilly/Larry and Ben.

  • I wish I had TWD for PC so I can get the voices and scenes easily from it. I've been wanting to make an edited video like yours (Except with the type of music I prefer rather than music that fits with TWD theme). It's stupid because of copyright though, so it's difficult choosing a song that I want to use.

  • The voices and SFX (including in-game music such as Chuck's guitar playing) can be extracted from the PC version, but the scenes themselves have to be recorded yourself or downloaded from a playthrough. If you can get the footage yourself, it'll save you a bit of grief finding playthroughs without subtitles on. Even better, if you can get your own footage somehow, perhaps you can also use PC mods, such as a no-hat Clem the whole time, so it gives the video a little extra spice that no other video matches.

    There are other, more guerrilla means of extracting audio clips. I'm planning on recording a playthrough of "The Last of Us" with nothing but the voices audible. It a crude way to do it, but I'll be able to get video footage, and voice clips all in one go. Unfortunately, my computer isn't cooperating with the recording software, and it's becoming a damn cluster.

    As for choosing the right song? There's always the radio. That's how I discovered the song to use in the first vid. Literally the day before I started, I heard something on my way home from work, and just caught the name and artist after it ended. So, the best of luck to ya!

  • Ah, thanks, but I don't think my favorite genre of music comes on the radio. It's more "Underground".

  • Every night after 10pm, the Jazz station plays Adult Alternative, but nothing that fits into any genre. I once heard Boards of Canada play on it, and they're not just one of those groups that gets airtime anywhere.

    All the animals come out at night.

  • I haven't listened to the radio at night, but does heavy electronic music come on, specifically Dubstep? It's my favorite genre, and I am well aware that it doesn't fit with the them of TWD, but I can make it work if I just had the opportunity. I have one edited video up already on my channel, so if you're curious to see how I want to play this out, I can link it for you.

  • I'm not particular to Dubstep, nor have I heard it on any local radio stations. I prefer listening to movie and game soundtracks, as well as the occasional 80's retro pop/rock. Unfortunately, I don't think I'd be any help for a dubstep TWD video. Still, you should still totally go for it. It'll at least give you more experience with video editing.

  • It takes me an hour or two to make 1-3 minutes long trailer but it's not important how long. It's important how good it is and you vids are nice. :)

  • Thanks. I take time to plan where the video goes while editing it, and sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. If I make a mistake, it takes 5 minutes for Pinnacle 12 to render it, then it takes another 5 minutes to replace the footage with something else. If I need to extend the scene to fill in a gap, then that takes another 5 minutes, and so on. As a perfectionist, it can take time for me to feel confident in the quality of anything I create. So that has some impact in the amount of time spent as well.

    Still, thank you. :D

  • No problem :) For me it's mostly an hour of work to make a trailer but sometimes it takes me longer amount of time. Btw. did you saw my vids?

  • I didn't. I honestly don't know where to start looking for your vids.

  • Well, here is link for my YouTube account if you want. Don't ask about nickname because it's my old one. :P I'm not using it anywhere anymore.

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    I really loved watching these, hearing the characters speaking through it hit me hard emotionally. You should totally make some more things like it in the future =D great job!

    Alt text

    Excuse me now I need to go cry in a corner for a widdle T_T Leeeee...

  • A lot of reused footage between videos, and I think some of the shots are taken from official trailers. I have already seen a few videos here beforehand, while I was working on my 1st project. They're well done, and you've got a better way to end them than what I've got.

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    It's because I did a lot of videos in short amount of time. That's why some of the trailers have similiar scenes. For now I'm planning to make long trailer but after episode 4 or 5 will be released. Probably I'll upload this after season 2 will end. Plus you're right. I'm using both scenes from official trailers and the ones that I'm recording from my playthrough.

    P.S Also before you ask - I did so much trailers because I was probably just hyped for the game and I had a lot of ideas for vids. ;)

  • These kinda of reactions make it all totally worth it.

    Do you want a hug? I'll owe you one for later. :)

  • Yeah. Before, when I usually got obsessed with something, I made something representing it in Minecraft, such as a starship in front of a sun after re-watching Sunshine multiple times, or the classic Final Fantasy town of Corneria, or Hyrule Castle from Link to the Past. Now, I've got an obsession with TWD, and after two videos I still want to do more.

  • Hug away! =D

    Wait a minute, that username title. Itchy_Tasty...


    You're a Resident Evil fan aren't you!? o.o

  • I know that feeling man. :) Maybe in the meantime I'll make some short vids such as tv spots for TWD and of course vids for other games but like I said I have something in mind for future. :) It'll be uploaded probably after episode 5 release.

  • why? why must you make me feel?

  • Nemesis! =D I love that guy!

  • That was epic ;~;

  • All your feels are belong to us! Mwahaha!

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    Really nice. :) I also made a couple of new trailers but it's not TWD so I didn't upload them here.

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  • That's great , you did a great job :) BRAVO !

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