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Vivian's Fable?

posted by SwegDregin on - Viewed by 1.3K users

I've been having a difficult time figuring out what fable Vivian belongs to.

All I know is that Telltale must have come up with her name because she had to have been unnamed in whatever story she originally belongs to. It's kind of like Nerissa and Faith. Nerissa's name was given to her, since she was only referred to as "The Little Mermaid" in her tale. Faith's name was also made up; she is only mentioned as "Allerleirauh" in her story.

Oh yeah, and I think both of those tales are Brothers Grimm tales. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm thinking they're suppose to be related.

Does anyone have any leads on Vivian's original story? I've been doing some research, but I thought that I should consult the forum. Any ideas?

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