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[POLL] The Walking Dead Fan-Made Cards Game

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Hello guys, this is Kunny.

Today I had the idea of creating a Fan-Made Walking Walking Dead cards game (Only Telltale).

I want to contribute to the community, so I started designing the first card and thinking about the possible mechanics of the Card-Game.
I started making a "Character Card" based on Carver.

The Idea is to have different type of Cards :

  • Character
  • Event
  • Location
  • Weapons

And more.

  • The game will be playable with ONE dice.
  • There are going to be more than 1 map (Virginia, Georgia etc.) with different locations and event triggers.
  • Movements of the players will be in "The game of the Goose" style.
  • Locations such as Gil's Pistop, Savannah, Macon..
  • Combat System with ATTACK, DEFENSE and ACTION POINTS
  • HP and Stamina and other parameters to be added
  • Traits (Perception, Murderer)
  • Weapon specialization from character to character
  • The game will start with the creation of a group
  • Printable Manual with rules and all about the game
  • The Goal is to make over 100 cards between Characters, Events etc.
  • Up to 6 players probably.

The cards and the maps will, of course, need to be printed, this can be a problem for many, and that's why i'm asking if YOU really want this card-game, because you will need to buy some plastic sheets and spend some time printing them.

Preview of the "Carver Character Card" ALPHA

Alt text

TO THE RIGHT : HP and STAMINA (There are going to be more stats on the right)

UNDER THE DESCRIPTION : Weapons Specializations (revolver and AK)

UNDER CARVER'S IMAGE : His traits, Perception and Blood-Thirsty.


RIGHT CORNER NEXT TO WEAPONS SPECIALIZATIONS : A little image related to Carver (The Skull, that means "No fear to kill")

Now you come in-game guys, please, if you REALLY want me to create this card game, a tribute for The Walking Dead and it's community, just SUPPORT me, I don't ask anything else, the game will ABSOLUTELY be free because i'm doing this for the community.

I will not go into the mechanics of the game if there will be no support for this project.

If you wanna support me, please leave an UPVOTE to this thread and vote YES in the POLL.

Link to the Poll :

Sorry for eventual errors in the writing.



Alt text

Alt text

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    Kunny BANNED

    I'll start working on it tomorrow if I receive enough support.

    Also, if you want you can leave a comment here suggesting something for the game.

    • Welp, can't speak for anyone else, but I think this is interesting, I'd like to see where it goes. Just something I'm thinking of off the bat, would locations work as cards? If you're doing a map, wouldn't it work better to have the locations on the map? Obviously I could just be missing some context based on the mechanics, but that just occurred to me after reading this.

      Granted this is a rough, alpha card draft, I take it the chracterizations will be updated as the season goes along? And what is the game of the goose? Are you saying 'Duck, duck, goose?' How would that work?

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        Kunny BANNED

        Well, I just translated from italian for "Game of the goose".

        Lemme think... like monopoly! But on a real map.

        Right now, the idea for Location Cards is : Putting different "Location Points" like Green Circles on the map, when a player moves the group to the green area, he will pick up a card from the "Locations Deck".

        Example : The Card shows... an abandoned farm!

        Option 1 : Enter the location
        Option 2 : Leave

        If you choose option 1 you will enter the location and you will have to pick up 3 EVENT CARDS.
        Event cards work like this :

        1 card : You found an axe in good condition! you put the Axe card under the Character's card, so he equips it.
        2 card : A walker appears right behind you but you manage to kill him! That was close! You lose 5 HP.
        3 card : A bandit shows up (If you have a member of the group with the perception trait you can kill him without losing HP)

        But this is one of the sooo many events that will be in the game, if everything goes OK.

        Maybe you pick a card that says : A walker jumps on Group member Number 3! (You will have to numerate your group members before any game)
        Member number 3 has been bitten!

        You never know what card you will pick.

        And absolutely, the characterization will be updated, this is ALPHA, i mean Pre-pre-pre-pre Alpha, just some ideas and 2 cards, but i like the mechanics i'm going to apply.

        • Ohhhh, ok. So, would it be like... the map has permanent locations, with names, like Gil's Pit Stop, in addition to the cards? Or just the location cards? I can see it working either way now that you've explained.

          Also, is game of the goose an Italian boardgame or something? Piqued my curiosity.

          I noticed in the poll that some of the votes were from Italy, the UK, and I THINK a Portuguese territory off the coast of Africa. It never occurred to me that The Walking Dead would have much international appeal, with the setting being US-centric.Then again, I guess enjoyable intellectual properties aren't culture bound.

          Anyways, thanks for answering me, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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    WhatTheDuck BANNED


  • This thread deserves a BUMP...

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    Kunny BANNED

    I really wanna thanks you guys.

    70 views, 5 comments and already 11 UPVOTES.

    Little gift is coming...

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    Kunny BANNED

    Last bump for today, and another card for the support, only 106 people viewers and already a good number of upvotes, I hope to see more when i wake up!

    Here's another Character Card (The image is a little too close to the ATK-DEF-AP but it will be fixed, also, there isn't any icon in the right corner, butI remind you, it's an alpha design)

    Alt text

    Thanks for the support.


  • So when this is all done, how will people play it? Will it be an online thing?

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    Kunny BANNED

    Bumpy Bump.

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