• Meh, its the internet hows anyone ever gunna know that its me. I once purpusefully farted on my friend's face by making him bend down and pick up a pencil that i dropped.

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    I have no secrets at all i mean i'm pretty open

    • Hey Ellias! check the winners thread

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  • The only thing I'd be uncomfortable sharing is my preferred wank material. And that isn't exactly deep and dark.

    EDIT: Well I guess it is... In a way,

  • My mom always made us cookies but i was only allowed to eat one cookie a day. Guess what i did? I ate TWO cookies a day. I like living my life on the edge, now where's my ep3

  • Yes.

    I would tell you that I licked my cousins foot while she was sleeping once. I felt creepy for doing it, but you know, it wasn't like it was incest or anything.

    I didn't wake her up, I didn't lick it that much, but it was more like a kiss. I mean, she had really pretty feet nearly irresistible to the eyes of a guy like me. Unfortunately for me, she is my cousin, and that will be the furthest I go.

  • Yes. I am Bruce Wayne.

  • not my darkest but...
    When I was a little kid I took my mothers ironing board to the lake in my back yard to see if I could surf on it.

  • Probably, if I would be guaranteed no one I knew would see it.

  • I love how it doesn't tell us to share our secrets, yet we all do anyways.

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