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TWDG Withdrawl Symptoms Awareness

posted by Conduit42 on - Viewed by 2.8K users

As I am a certified doctor (pshh, not!), I feel the great need to warn the forum of the dangers of extended time away from TWDG. There's most likely a whole host to symptoms I am yet to be aware of. Post in comments any I fail to mention.

  1. Possible alterations in vision; will see what's not actually there. Like what victims refer to as a "cursor" in the center of their vision. In worse cases, one will be having some form of conversation and will develop acute awareness to dialog. This part of the withdrawl comes in the form of "subtitles". One particular sufferer has had to deal with strange texts invading eyesight. For example "(?)-Janet will remember what you said about her cooking". Also, there will be a high possibility "text boxes" or "dialog trees" show up at the bottom of your vision (WARNING: Do NOT stare directly at "dialog tree". You are most likely staring at fellow conversonalist's crotch; awkward....).

2.Extreme fear of watching anything involving the undead. The cause of this might stem from the idea that you are betraying your dealer's- sorry, TellTale's trust. It is not your fault.

Please take the time to add anything involving how to combat the problems, add any additional ailments, or just stop by to be surrounded by those with same trouble.

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