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Android Episode Download Size

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Hi, first i posted this in community and got no answer, so will try here.

I have just entered the world of the walking dead. I really like the game playing on my Xperia and due to the finite space I have left was wondering if the next episodes would be the same downloadable 1gig size? Meaning I would have to finish e1 before buying e2 etc.. Or is it just an unlock code for each episode with minimal download content. Also if I download the season pass can i flip back between episodes? Any help please.

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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
    The base application includes Episode 1, and is where your save files are stored. All of the other episodes act as in-app downloads, and can be downloaded, and deleted at any time. If you wish, you can download Episode 2, then play through, and then delete Episode 2, and download Episode 3 and continue your save. Please note you cannot delete Episode one without deleting the base application, and your saves along with it.
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