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What does "determinant" mean?

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I don't know what it means. I've searched on dictionaries, synonyms and all that stuff but I just can't understand that word. Does it mean the same as determined?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    People here use it to reference any outcome of the story affected by player choices - for example, if a character lives or dies.

  • Nvm

  • "a factor that decisively affects the nature or outcome of something." - Google

  • Well, when we talk about some character is "determinant" it basically means that he/she may have different fates based on your decisions. e.g. In S1 Ben is determinant: you may kill him in ep4 or let him live and you will see him in ep5. So basically determinant are the characters whose fate or even life depends on the decision of the player.

  • The character will be either dead or will die the next episode

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    Ellias BANNED

    determinant means depending on what you chose. Like let's say if you had to chose to kill carver or to let him live, his status would be "determinant- determent,depending" on what you chose and what others chose. And meaning the person can have 2 fates or multiple options or alternatives.

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    Ok fine, fine sorry. I was just kidding! It means simply that your choices determine his or her fate. Determinant characters die eventually no matter what since they can die in one instance already. Nick for example will die in Episode 3 since he can in Episode 2.

  • In reference to a character's fate or their actions, people on this forum use the word "Determinant" to indicate that that character's fate or actions depend on player choice. So when someone says that, say Kenny giving you the bro speech is determinant, it means that it only happens based on your choices. If someone says that a character themself is determinant, such as Nick or Alvin, it means that your choices directly affect the fate of that character, such as if they live or die. Ben, Carley, and Doug were Season 1 examples of Determinant characters.

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