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One of my favorite things when Telltale announces a new franchise is the inevitable fan art thread. I just created a card for the Telltale Deck o' Cards project with Gentleman Claptrap on the Jack of Spades, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to start the Borderlands fan art thread. :)


The full size card is at my DeviantArt page.



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    ![Alt text]( "Optional title")
  • Only just seen this! Was the Gentleman drawn with a mouse? Either way I like him, especially the top hat on the shoulder. If Claptrap has a shoulder. Anyway, I've only played the first Borderlands so far however I plan on playing the second, so I might come up with something soon. Be nice to see other's pictures also.
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    Thanks. :)

    He was drawn in pen, scanned in, and cleaned up and colored with a mouse. I kept the top hat all wobbly to convey a kind of tattered look.
  • The details such as the tire tracks and grooves on the arms give it a real authentic feel. The tattered top hat does convey a certain sense that Claptrap can be a gentleman, but only just ;) fine colouring with the moustache too. You planning on doing any more?
  • That's awesome, gentleman Claptrap better be a skin for Claptrap in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel
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    Well, Jen, since Gearbox actually listens to fan feedback and included a very nice tribute to a certain fan of theirs back in Borderlands 2. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll see the card you have made! A slight chance they will put your card in as a reference or collectible in Borderlands 3 as well! (whenever that gets made)
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    That is quality well done Jen your very talented love this

    I love this walking dead pic so beautiful I had many feels and flashbacks seeing this

    YES love futurama and you mixed few characters in love it very intelligent and creative

    lol so random brilliant

    HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY I'm Irish love this

    Skimmed through all your pictures and have to admit I'm big fan all very creative, random and hilarious wow nice a Mod with exceptional talent
  • JenniferJennifer Moderator
    Thanks all. :) I'll definitely be making more art for the Telltale Deck 'o Cards project, as I really want to see that get done. I might make some more Borderlands art, although I'll probably wait to see how Telltale's Tales of the Borderlands turns out, since my only experience so far with Borderlands is Poker Night 2. :P

    I love the creativity that the Telltale fan community has, which is one of the main reasons I've stuck around so long. We've had our fair share of mods who are great artists (many from the past, including divisionten, silverwolfpet, Irishmile, and many others). As for the current mods, Vainamoinen is quite talented as well (much more talented than I am when it comes to real paint and canvas art). He did a few cards for the Telltale Deck 'o cards project too, if you want to check them out. :)
  • Look forward to seeing them when you do :)

    Yeah, there's a real creative buzz and output, and a friendly atmosphere too.
    Are they all on DeviantArt?
  • I've had a go at my own! It's based on a picture of Rhys from Tales from the Borderlands, and seeing as pictures are still down - I will put it here when they're back - and that I don't have anywhere better to stick it, I've changed it to my profile picture. Click on my name if you'd like to see a somewhat larger version. I'm still getting used to pastel pencils, said pencils being what I used, so it's not perfect.
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    That's really great. I noticed that if you change the height number on the gravatar link, you'll get a larger resolution version. It looks really nice at a higher resolution. :)

    I was thinking about trying to draw Fiona. Your image has inspired me to give it a go. :)
  • Thanks :) I didn't know you could that to get a larger version, thanks again.

    Your drawing of Claptrap inspired me so I'm pleased mine has inspired you, I look forward to seeing the results :)
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    I'm not a big fan of the game yet, mostly because I haven't ever played any of the other borderland games, and I honestly know near to nothing about it (of course I will probably play telltale's game when it is released) but I gotta say... the art style is really catching my interest...
    Anyway, here's this thing -still sort of working on it:

    (I should sign/tag it but i'm a bit too lazy to do that right now)
  • You can't really be a fan of a game if you haven't played it, lol.
  • Well exactly. I'm just saying, it looks semi-interesting from the screenshots, and such. But what I mostly meant is the borderland franchise. I know nothing about those games...
  • Nice drawing! You've captured her likeness really well. Will you be shading it with anything?

    The art style is something that really makes Borderlands stand out; if you don't like shooting games then it won't be for you, however if you don't mind it there is a strange charm to the characters and world. Either way, I've read that TellTale are going to provide information in Tales from the Borderlands in case you haven't played the games, or at least the second game.
  • Thankyou, and I shall do so...

    Also, thanks for the information, I do enjoy most shooting games, but story is really something that makes the game memorable for me... and i'm going to assume it has a good story? Yes? No? Maybe? Hopefully :P Either way, definitely getting TFTB when it comes out... hopefully it will be another TTG I can become obsessed with.
  • Looking forward to see it :)

    I prefer games with story, and I wouldn't say Borderlands 1 is entirely memorable with it. Characters and setting are definitely memorable, and the story isn't bad, it's just not the most deepest. That's only my opinion though, obviously there might be another game which I think has a great story and other's aren't fussed about. Anyway, I'm currently playing Borderlands 2 and so far I'd say that it's a great improvement on the first in this regard.

    Yeah, TTG should have a banner - Games To Be Obsessed With!
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  • Hey, you were right.

    Never knew this existed, nice job Dojo!


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    Ah, thank you! No wonder I couldn't find the thread. Anyways, here's some cool fan art of Rhys and Fiona!

    Art by milch-tuete

    Alt text

    Art by bridgetbougan

    Alt text

  • I drew a bunch of Borderlands fan art but just BL2 and Pre Sequel =(

  • I'm pretty sure it's okay to post Borderlands fan art in general here?

    My favorite Vault Hunter and my favorite robot! Hope Claptrap will show up at some point. :D Art by spader7.

    Alt text
    Alt text

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    Alt text
    my two favorite class
    Alt text

  • I'm going to post some here soon. :)

  • Vaughn by bridgetbougan

    Alt text

    Rhys and the stun baton by artydorksout

    Alt text

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    I've posted this in the Borderlands meme and fun thread, but, I think this deserves a place in here too!

    Alt text

    Made by philtomato.

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    This was made by lowoncorners.

    Lilith/Maya fist bump of epic proportions

    I really hope they both turn up in the game just so they can do it for reals.

    Alt text

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    So I drew a Vaughn...I don't have a tablet or anything and at the moment my scanner is being repaired so....Yeah

    Alt text

  • Made this :3 Full size here

    Alt text

  • Yes! Zer0 wearing Noodle's mask is amazing.

  • It actually happens in the BL2 trailer!

    Around the 1.13 mark

  • We need some Handsome Jack in this thread!

    Art by: kada-bura

    Alt text
    Alt text

    Art by: gingergribnikki

    Alt text

    And last but not least, "She can't see him" also by gingergribnikki

    Alt text

  • XD

    You're already in love with her?

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