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Did being with Christa turn Clementine into...

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Somewhat of a hardened child soldier... If you know what i mean

EDIT: I forgot to add i thought about this because of the decision when you can have Clem say to check Bonnie for weapons

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    WhatTheDuck BANNED

    Nope just living in the ZA made her that way. :P

  • That's hand the Clem's been dealt.

    She (we) just has to make sure that hand keeps her alive.

  • I wouldn't say that Clem's a "hardened child soldier" by any stretch of the imagination. But her time with Christa has certain made her become less trusting and optimistic, like Christa herself. But in my eyes, those are good things to be. I want Clem to be cautious with her trust and prepare herself for the worst. So I guess she might be thought of as "hardened" in that sense. But her morality isn't necessarily compromised and that's the important thing to me.

  • No. All the shit she's seen from living in the apocalypse made her that way. That could harden anybody. She probably feels weighed down by all the deaths of people she knew, if she isn't blaming herself for them. Everybody who's been close to her in the past is either dead or missing.

    Christa was depressed and callous, but can you really blame her? You've gotta give her credit for keeping Clem alive for so long. Three times as long as Lee did, actually. No doubt she taught Clem some survival skills in that time too.

  • Hardened child soldier? Hardly. That would mean she's canon fodder for someone else who feels that their life is more important. But I agree with you on the hardened part, living with Christa out in the wilderness isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. But this is the shitty hand she was dealt, I just wish it could have been different.

  • I think after Omid, Christa did turn more sarcastic and snarky. But she took Clem's survival very seriously. She was teaching her survival tricks that Lee couldn't get around to (but the ghost of Lee will) like how to sew a wound. I wouldn't say 'hardened child solider', I'd say Christa taught her to be practical and real with the world she's now in, and how to both emotionally and physically deal with it, which does result in the colder, snarky and hella badass Clem we see. I think this makes her a better survivor than a lot of the adults such as maybe someone like Nick, as she learned through her experiences that you have to separate your heart from you head in the apocalypse.

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