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No soundtrack on my cd-rom version!!!

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Hi, I've just received my physical copy of Out From Boneville (from Digitalriver UK, since I live in Italy).
I can open the soundtrack html page, but the links to the tracks are broken, because....there's no "music" subdirectory! They've forgotten to burn it on the cd. I suppose it isn't your fault but that's a big downside for me. :(
BTW, the video interview with Jeff Smith was a neat unexpected extra!
Dom (Italy)
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  • This reminds me of the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory collector's edition that had the extra DVD that was also supposed to contain bonus missions for the first game, but didn't. It was the only reason I bought that version.

    At least you can still download the Out From Boneville soundtrack for free from the website. I'm out the extra money I paid just so I could have the bonus missions.
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    Yeah, looks like they've messed up :(
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    Yes, the initial shipment of these CDs inadvertantly omitted the soundtrack CD tracks.

    This will be corrected very shortly!

    - Joel, Telltale Marketing
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