What do you think happened to Luke?

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After Episode 2 do you think he ran away so he could sneak into Carver's camp later and be heroic, or did he just....run away.


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  • Not too long till we find out. Either way could work out as Luke seems a bit too perfect right now even so I think he's tailing the group trying to help. I just hope Kenny didnt kill him in a jealous fit.

  • i REALLY doubt they would kill a character as important as luke offscreen, and i don't think he abandoned them either (like most people are saying, he and kenny probably got into a fight and luke walked away to cool off, he doesn't seem to like confrontation). however, i do think that carver will try to make them think that he did, since carver strikes me as a really manipulative person.

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    Something seems "off" to me... Why wasn't he at Kenny's side trying to help snipe at Carvers men.. I mean they both ran off to fix the generator so i assume that while they are fixing it and hear machine gun fire they would stick together and go back to where the group was. I dont think Kenny killed Luke but i think they may have had a big fight or argument. Kenny definitely knows more than he is saying, I have known him since the first episode and would be extremely disappointed in him if he has killed Luke, But i dont think he did.

  • Carlos took Luke to one side to talk about something at one point. I'm thinking it had something to do with that, like the man gave him the 'if something happens you split' speech because Luke's the most capable of the group and Carver would've likely killed him on the spot for leading that whole group out from his camp in the first place.

    So like what Firewallcano said, Luke is probably tailing the group. He knows where Carver's camp is so he would be able to find his way back to help them. But I think Luke might've tried to tell Kenny something about a back up plan or whatever him and Carlos talked about, but maybe Kenny wouldn't listen or abandon them there, and Luke had to leave.

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