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What do we know about *****'s body? Theories welcome.

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What do we know about Faith's body?

It feels like the game/Biby has forgotten/ignored the fact that this massively important piece of evidence is missing. I've been reading through the community a lot and people often mention it, but I don't remember finding anything consistent.

Do you guys have any information or theories? Faith's head is with Doc. Swineheart, right? And Lily's body was dumped down the witching well...

  • The body may be in the witching well because it isn't shown on the mirror

  • Didn't Bigby ask the mirror again about Faith in the 1st episode and he replied with 'These lips are sealed?" Makes me wonder if someone has her body, like the Crooked Man or even Georgie. Hell, even the whole witching well sounds great to me as well. I hope to find this out as well but probably won't until the 4th or even 5th episode. :)

  • We simply don't know, where Faith's body is at this game stage. The Fabletown Doctor was examining Faith's head. The head was found having Faith's ring attached to her purple ribbon in her mouth. The head was decapitated, the cut marks were from either something very sharp, or something of magical origin.

    We know that the Mirror was prevented from showing Faith due to some powerful Magic. Many theories undermine the Mirror, unless she is still somehow doubtfully alive, begging the question of whose was Faith's head? I.E The Mirror showed Snow White when Lilly was using a clone of Snow White, but the Mirror would not show Lilly who was glamored to be Snow White. Meaning if Faith is using a glamor she will be unseen to the Mirror because she is somebody else, or possibly through having a glamor tube on her body.. However the Mirror shows both the Dead and Dying. Her Father dead, her ex Husband dying.

    There was extra Blood found on the floor, at Lawrence her separated husband's Flat, blood was also on a dagger found there. Lawrence supposedly tries to commit suicide with his gun, but missed hitting his heart. Lawrence left a suicide note for Faith. Lawrence unless played a certain way will always die in game. From going to Toad's Flat first, also from choosing not to act when watching the Dumb twin look for evidence within Lawrence's Flat. Lawrence blows his brains out with the gun. After chasing an interrogating the Dumb, who claims that he was looking for a photo in Lawrence's Flat. A dumb Twin was also looking at Woody's, choosing not to take Faith's coat when offered by Toad to leave his Flat, when smashing it up, hurting both Toad and TJ.

    Faith had an apology letter for Lawrence, leaving it in her donkey coat at Toad's Flat.

    Somebody was cut on the fence at the Woodlands Tower, leaving behind a scrap of jean fabric, when delivering Faith's head. Within Lawrence Flat there was extra Blood possibly not from Lawrence on both the dagger, and on the floor. Lawrence was shot by gunshot on the chair and was found this way on arrival to his Flat. Claiming he couldn't remember what had happened, except he was sorry to be such a disappointment to Faith, he didn't know of Faith death until you choose to tell him.

    I should replay episode 2 again, in keeping Lawrence alive seeing what fully develops.

    • I agree. I may have to replay all the episodes again. Maybe I missed something. Keeping Lawrence alive may help me on this one.

    • Also, if you go to Lawrence first and tell him Faith is "missing", instead of committing suicide he points the gun at Dee furious and questions Faith's whereabouts... asks what he or they --he says "you" so he possibly meant "they"-- have done with her. That way Lawrence lives even if you don't interrupt him and Dee. Later we can find him again at Lily's funeral, and after talking really briefly with him I don't think he has a clue about what's going on. I guess, although Faith was helping him providing some money, she chose to kept him in the dark. Knowing she was *working for Georgie* was humiliating enough to explain his deep depression and guilty, so maybe she sparred him of whatever she was going through.
      Note: Lawrence knew Faith was working for Georgie --there's an option he says "fuck, Georgie"-- but maybe she started like Beauty, as a receptionist, or working on stage, stripping, and never told him she was, uh, "dating" clients. So maybe he though it wasn't half as bad as it was, and the recent events came as a heavy surprise.
  • I wish we get to investigate better Faith's murder on episode 4, so we might have a chance of finding her body.

    • I agree. Hopefully in the next episode we will either have some knowledge of her whereabouts or even stumble upon it and finally put that to rest. It's been bothering me ever since episode 2! >.<

  • I don't think we will have anything figured out until the end of the last episode. I'm hoping for an extra long 5th episode since there is so much to explain about it all. I hope Telltale is able to really wow us.
  • Did Faith have another place of her own where we can search for more clues? Besides Lawrence's pad and the Pudding & Pie, I wonder?
  • I suppose it's tied to cinder blocks like Lily's was, but it's odd that one would be found but not the other as it would make sense to search the area. On the other hand, having the same dump site would be a bad idea if someone saw you, so maybe there's something to that.
    • If it worked the first time (when he dumped supposedly Faith's body nobody found out), then it would make sense that he would do the same with the second body (Lily's). Having the same dump site just wouldn't make sense if the first body was discovered and then he/they (the killer / the people involved) went there to dump another. Even the heads were left (with care) at the very same spot, the Woodlands doorstep. Man, I still can't believe we had no option to ask Doc. Swineheart about Faith's head... I mean, a detective would be at the very least interested in the possible objects that could have been used to cut it off. Big oversight by Telltale.
      • I don't agree that you should blame TTG for an oversight when the game involves magical elements. At the moment, both the Woodsman's axe and the sword mentioned in Crane's compendium that's in the care of Snow are both candidates for the decapitation, and considering the sword is made from a specific type of ore, then it's no stretch to assume more weapons can be made that we have yet to see, not to mention the blade that was left at Lawrence's apartment.

        So, again, don't assume TTG got it wrong because you feel sure about your theory. We don't know the whole story yet.
        • I didn't assume anything based in any theories. I just said I couldn't believe "we had no option to ask Doc. Swineheart about Faith's head". That was my only complain. The only thing I pointed out as an oversight.

          Later in ep3 I felt like I was again gonna be robbed of an opportunity to proceed with the investigation more realistically, when at first it seemed I wouldn't be able to ask Woody about Lily's witch when I went for the TripTrap for her things and we found him there. But when he was leaving and the game gave me the option to ask him a question, "Did you know about Lily's witch" being among the options, I felt relieved. He not knowing anything about her was ok, it didn't help with the case, but at least it helped with the immersion as Bibgy seemed more real, not just a brick headed character strictly following the railway patch designed by the writers.
          • As I said, what you pointed out as an oversight is too soon to be claimed, because there are 2 more episodes to go. Also, the story maintains its focus over just a few days, and Bigby took a very close look at Faith's head in the first episode, so I don't see much of a reason to ask Dr. Swineheart about something Bigby already knows (i.e. she was probably decapitated with a magical blade). In short, I don't think your complaint is warranted.
            • Why hand over the head to the super fable doctor if not for an expert opinion? It was not too soon to ask if he haven't found anything out. It's supposedly been with him since the first episode. He could have nothing new to report, but he should at least be able to give some confirmation or not about what Bigby's just-by-looking-at-it skills revealed.
              • Again, I didn't say it's too soon to complain about not being able to ask Dr. Swineheart about Faith's head, I'm saying it's too soon to call it a 'big oversight'. I can only suppose that Dr. Swineheart didn't mention anything to Bigby when he was patching him up because there was nothing new to add.
                • "By the way, Doc. Did you find anything out after examining the severed head of the first victim"?
                  "Why would you ask me that now"?
                  "Uh, what? Don't you think it's important for the investigation"?
                  "No, I just think it's too soon for you to ask".
                  "You really need to relax, Bibgy. What did I tell you about avoiding stress? Go get yourself some sleep".
                  "No way, hold it right there and tell me what the fuck you found out, or I'll go full wolf on you ass"!!!
                  "Calm down, there's no need for that. I just left it in the fridge and forgot about it, ok? I'm a busy man, you know. Not every fable regenerates like fucking wolverine. Anyway, I'll call you with an update before episode's 5 credits sequence. Don't worry. Go do your things my expert medical advice can't seen to keep you from".
  • When I saw the name of this thread, I tought this would be some fangirl thread about Bigby's body, but luckily it wasn't.

    Now you may wonder why I would go to Fangirl thread even if I don't like them. Well, Sometimes it's just fun to read some crazy fangirl comments.
  • When you pull the ring out of Faith's mouth the ring is silver. But in the picture the ring was gold AND her fathers ring was gold. I found this odd.
    • Seriously? Can anyone confirm? I'm colorblind (I can see colors, just not nearly as well as normal people) so... a little help? :) Maybe it was just the lightning, uh? Or maybe it's just that the old king's ring was golden and Faith's was silver, and the picture in the book was her father's not hers. I just don't think it would make any difference if it was a fake... it's not like we needed it to confirm her identity or anything.
      • No both in the picture and the one on her fathers hand were gold. If it was just on the book then that would probably be lighting, but it is gold on her dead fathers hand too. If you watch Cry's version of playing this he had the idea that Faith was the girl who needed her head tide on.
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