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Will "The Wolf Among Us" be released as physical on PS3?

posted by Druser on - Viewed by 397 users

Hello everyone, the question is in the title will it be released physically? I used the search button before write the post :P

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    Jennifer Moderator

    This isn't known yet, as historically the physical retail versions of any Telltale season aren't announced until the full season has come to a close.

  • It would be pretty silly if they didn't release physical copies of The Wolf Among Us once the season ends. They did it with the Walking Dead, why not this as well?

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    I would not be surprised. As Jennifer already said, Telltale waits until a little while after the full Season has released digitally before Telltale releases physical copies of seasons (since Telltale works on each episode "live" during a Season).

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