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"Not in Nottingham"

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As you can tell people are posting theories on the new screenshot where Carver is beating up someone, I came to a lot a conclusions, before you leave, hear me out. I think it's Clem because you can see part of a blue hat, also some hair (which I told her to keep it short but she doesn't look like she has scissors over the 16 months) that's not all, there's an achievement called "Always the Quiet Ones" then there's an achievement called "Not in Nottingham" then comes "Rehabilitated." My theory is that Clem goes to steal something (probably why she looks stealthy in the preview) maybe Walkie talkies (the reason is unknown yet) or something else, but I'm leaning more to the Walkie talkies because "Always the Quiet Ones" Carver finds out and starts beating her ( as seen in the screenshot, also I realized he has a soft spot for kids, probably, so this wouldn't make sense, then again he killed Walt without hesitation just because Ken killed Johnny) as "Not in Nottingham" achievement shows a man (presumably Carver) picking up a Walkie talkie, well more of raising his hands to beat someone with because there is no reason he should hold it that high. Also it says "Got beaten down" they would say "someone got beaten down" if it were someone else, makes sense? Then achievement that says "Rehabilitated" which holds a bloody crowbar, maybe it Clem getting revenge, or Kenny doing something stupid, or something else. That's my theory, and it's hard to let go of it :)

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