• Oooo very interesting !

    But if u offers greenleaf the job she's doesn't accept it either way she's happy helping out those who cnt afford 13th floor stuff. If she is her daughter I'd say greenleaf doesn't know about her being alive. I mean I just don't see it AG seems like a good person while BM just seems to like to shoot people. Hopefully it'll be revealed soon

  • I've thought about Mary being the Red-Headed guy. If you look, he has the same trademark freckles too. See 13:13 - 13:21 below. I never thought about Mary being Rachel though. Greenleaf does seem to be too old to have mothered a child Rachel's age; Mary's age would fit better.


    Only argument with Mary being Rachel: If you look at the picture in Greenleaf's apartment: Greenleaf has a picture with Rachel. They both appear the same age. However, it could be someone glamoured to look like Rachel for the picture.

    I am not convinced, but I think you could be on to something. Great spot!

    • I've read the comics and although Bloody Mary and Greenleaf are not characters in there, there's a wide range of reasons that Greenleaf could've been old even When Rachel was young. Most of the witches take the form of old ladies and have been that way for centuries. It'l likely that Greenleaf either adopted Rachel or had her when she looked young. Frau Totenkinder (A major witch from the books) Can actually make herself younger again at any time she wishes. There's another witch, Ozma, who chooses to stay in the form of a 10 year old girl. They are so powerful that they can manipulate their own ages and I think that Greenleaf chose to stay in her old age, despite having a young daughter. Frau Totenkinder (Before the adversary took over the lands) Actually adopted Rapunzel as an old lady and kept her as her daughter. So it's possible that if Mary was Rachel, Greenleaf's complexion didn't change because she has looked that old for a long, long time.
  • Not to be rude but someone already beat you too it

    • Not to be rude, but it doesn't really matter. Unless, of course, the OP heard it from the someone who beat him/her to it and claimed it as their own.
      Yeah, it'd be very disingenuous of the poster to have copied the person who said it first. But I hadn't heard about it. Reposts are okay, but please give credit to the person who first came up with the idea. I don't think the poster copied. "And be respectful" doesn't seem like something a thieving troll might say.

  • When I played the game the 1st time, didn't think anything of it. Then my friend played it and said it was the detective from the 2nd ep; she said they look so similar, except for the hair. I went back and played that ep again-they DO look similar in a weird way. Also, he mentioned it looked like her eyes were changing when Bigby was beginning to anger her...it MAY have just been the way the tv was. This is just my theory. XD

  • Y'know, I've always wondered when someone was going to post a topic about this, after seeing many similar theories by previous commenters. Good job, Em! Hopefully Telltale won't take this twist away from us, if they were planning on executing it in the first place!
    • Yeah, I hope not! I really want it to be true but we will see. It would give Bloody Mary more of a purpose in being there I think, since it gives more integrated ties to the investigation other than being the Crooked man's hitman (Or in this case, woman)
  • Very nice theory! I am really supportive of what you have said. It does make sense as well.
  • Mary sparing you? As soon as Ep.3 was over, i knew Bigby would kill that bitch.
  • Wow they do look alike. I never noticed it. Interesting....
  • Mary had a little axe

    Little axe

    Little axe

    Mary had a little axe

    It's steel was black as death!

    IDK why I did this. :D
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