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How to get out sam's hell

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How do i get out of sam's personal
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  • Ah, so Satan used the "I didn't read the fine print" trick? Well, what can we do here...
    From the walkthrough...

    You're back in the office, but you've got a new little buddy: Peepers, the wide-eyed, squeaky voiced Soda Popper. Ugh.

    Peepers is standing right under a safe precariously hanging from a rope. It seems like the perfect way to take Peepers out, but nothing you try will work. Take the bone saw from Max's desk; you'll need it later. Then open the closet door. Poor Leonard is here, after a year being tied up on the top shelf. Apparently this is his personal hell, too!

    Look through the hole in the office wall, and you'll see a huge Max peering in at you. Behind him, you can barely make out the file cabinets from the Hell Wing. You're in a diorama, just like Bosco, Grandpa Stinky, and the others were. Max can't get in — he's too big. Toss Brady Culture's key card through the hole so Max can use it to enter the diorama. Max attacks Demon Peepers, and you're freed (along with Leonard).
  • 1. give the access card to max (giant on the window)
    3. you are outta there
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