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Ben and Nick....because the Zombie Apocolypse was not enough.

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LOL omg what idiots,
  • That shitbird Ben and Triggerfinger Nick.
  • nick isn't that bad he seems a decent guy but bens a fuck up
    • That's right!Nick is trying very hard to not be a fuck-up,and I forgive and like him for that!I just hope his role in ep3 (for those that saved him,of course)is big!And btw,rewinding to kill Nick or kill him on propose is not human!I killed Alvin,but not on purpose :( I didn't want to rewind,cuz I like to roll with my original choices :D
      • I managed to keep both Alvin and nick alive in my original playthrough I hope at least one of them survives ep3
        • I guess I'll have to watch other playthoughs to see what happens when you let Nick die or let Alvin live,and what happens if nobody goes with tavia in 400 days,cause' it's confirmed that the choices in 400 days matter.Everybody whent with tavia in my playthrough,I was so proud at the time,and I still don't have any doubts that they will be trouble.IM guessing they will be nice (at least most of them),and I just hope I can befriend Vince and the others,and see what happens when Clem meets becca XD
  • They're just foil characters. Ben was experiencing the fear and shock of the zombie outbreak as it was beginning. So you could understand some of his decisions in that context. With Nick (who has apparently survived the zombie outbreak for years) you would think he'd be a little less half-cocked and panicky. It should be nothing new to him. So i guess we can assume Nick is just a tool.
  • Ben was a fuckup with no sense of survival or how to be around others.

    Nick at least is competent and well aware of his actions, and he's not a coward either. Everything he has done has been to protect his friends or family. He isn't the kind of guy who thrives in survival situations though, he's swayed easily by emotion and isn't terribly good with a gun, like most people would be in a zombie apocalypse.

    I hate how people keep putting Ben and Nick in the same category, Nick is nothing like Ben.
  • I bet some of the people on here that call Ben and Nick idiots would probably be like them if there was a real ZA. Fucking up and getting scared, hell i know i wouldn't be the perfect survivor.
  • Why is everybody so protective about Nick? Don't get me wrong Nick Is a good kid but shit.... he makes some dumb decisions, I can't forgive him that he shot Matthew for no fuckin reason, I'm really mad about it after I find out Matthew was telling the truth about the food, or that he shot Clementine almost at the cabin, under normal circumstances I can forgive after a time, but fuck this is the apocalypse and he get good people killed.
    • Nick is like, Zombie Surfer Jesus, ok? we love that fucking kid ok, get used to it
    • It's not being protective, it's because people see that he is a good character. Many characters make stupid mistakes, including Kenny, who everyone seems to love.

      If Nick did all those stupid things and never owned up to them, and was just a bumbling idiot, and everyone STILL liked him, then they would probably be "protective".

      As it stands though, Nick is the one character with the most character development in season 2, with the exception of Clementine herself. We've had more time to get to know Nick than we have for the other characters. And it's hard to hate a person who willingly apologizes for their mistakes, and even risks their life to tell the truth about something bad he did. He also sacrificed himself for Clementine if you save Nick instead of Pete.
      Nick is probably the most realistic, most empathetic character in the game. He has flaws and he has redeeming qualities, like any normal person. Judging his entire character over a few actions is stupid if you don't weigh in some of his other actions.

      Oh, and he didn't shoot Matthew for no reason. he did it to protect Luke and Clem, Luke especially. He just lost his Uncle, the last family he had left, and he was a nervous wreck over it. Luke is the only person he has left, and he started to grow fond of Clem too, so him trying to protect them made a lot of sense, especially given his state at the time.
  • The thing is though... Everytime Nick did something, he was just trying to help. He shot Matthew because he thought that Clem and Luke were in danger, although still stupid. Although, Ben did everything he did only thinking about himself. He said that he was trying to keep the bandits off their backs, although the *real* reason is because they said they had his friend, which isn't all that selfish but it continues... Later on he leaves Clementine in the street to save his own skin. He knew that Clementine could have just died then and didn't care.

    I like Nick a lot more than I like Ben.
  • Congratulations, you made a thread about the same asinine shit that people have been saying ever since these characters were introduced.

    I'm not asking you to like them, but Jesus, it gets old to see people just mindlessly spout about how much they hate them. Bring something new to the table for once. Make me actually interested in what you have to say.
  • What's so bad about Nick? .-.
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