Mother 3 Fan Translation Finished (Exclamation mark)

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If somebody has not heard already The Mother 3 Fan Translation is finally done!
Get it, play it, sleep with it and support good games!

For the one who doesn't know, Mother 3 is the Japanese sequal to the light-hearted and great Super Nintendo arpeegee Mother 2 (also known as Earthbound).

I just thought someone should mention it, I have played it for awhile now and I can happily confirm that this surely is a great day to be alive. :D

EDIT: No love for this?
...How sad.


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    I give all my love to this thread, at least.
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    Scott will surely be happy.
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    Just been playing this after my bro recommended it. Just got up to the bit where
    Flint springs himself out of jail

    Really great game so far, good balance of humour and seriousness. I've just sat through what I think is one of the most emotional moments I've seen in a game, and from a 2 year old GBA game, that's pretty amazing.
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    I've already played it in Japanese with a translation guide, but playing it in English is like playing an entirely new game. There is soooo much stuff that I missed the first time through. The
    bonfire scene
    in Chapter 1 still made me cry!
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    I'm a member of, so I'm tripley excited about this. I've already played through it (twice) on the japanese cart, but I may get the patchable rom type version for the english experience.

    Let me just say, this is my favorite game ever.
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