Another possible theory about Bloody Mary

I'll admit, Mary does bare a striking resemblance to Rachel, which is why the theory of her being Rachel is good. However, if you read Bloody Mary's book of Fables entry it says, "Her name, Mary, at least, is not up for contention..."

Assuming the Book of Fables isn't lying, and her name is Mary, what if she is Mary from "Mary had a little lamb"? The whole sheep thing could be her connection to BCW and "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing".

Maybe she wants revenge on Bigby for having killed her little lamb a long time ago.


  • Maybe, who knows?
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    That is a great theory-love the whole idea of Mary losing her wits over a lamb! But in the latest episode, she did state who she was; even the Tweedles mentioned it. I think the whole 'wolf in sheep's clothing' has a deeper meaning. Maybe someone is going to backstab? Pssh, who knows! This game is just insanely entertaining! :)
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    Yeah, I know she calls herself Bloody Mary, but the fables are many times amalgams of a bunch of different fairy tales. Take Bigby for instance. He is from Little Red riding Hood. But he is also part from The Three Little Pigs (Colin), and Beowulf -- Grendel (Gren) is the villain in that tale. Jack is from Jack and the Beanstalk, "Jack and Jill", "Jack be Nimble Jack be Quick", and others. Mary could still be Bloody Mary and Mary had a little Lamb.
  • And yes, I think "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" has a different meaning too. Some people think Bigby will disguise himself, but I think it will be a backstab by a character. I was just putting it there for the more literal crowd lol.
  • I'm with Lars on that last statement. I think a backstab is more than likely at this point. It would be shocking to see Colin or Toad switching sides.
  • True to all of that. With fairy tales and the stories behind them, you never know who is who until they say something. We will just have to wait and hopefully the final 2 eps will help clear out who is who. :)
  • Rachel might have some ancestryband with Mary? Who knows?
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    im pretty sure Mary and her lamb appeared in the comics
  • Debunked! just like that
  • No, Mary with her little lamb did not appear in the comics.
  • Actually, they did. Mary`s lamb is killed by Ghost.
  • Actually, they did. Mary`s lamb is killed by Ghost.
  • Hrmm. Okay well, I will take your word for it. I have't read many of the comics, so I am relying on the internet lol. This was just an idea. What happens to Mary though? And who is Ghost? If we believe (in the game) that the book of Fables isn't lying to us, Mary cannot be Rachel (it says her name is Mary), so I was just thinking of other Marys.
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