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The music.

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Any idea what type of music, will be in this game? Hopefully they will select a style that fits in, and gives the game some atmosphere. I believe music is a very important part of a game. Please no fast-paced electronica junk, that is so popular in eastern countries or what you see on console games.
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  • Same here, but I'd even prefer electronica or whatever to dead silence. I'm tired of games with only atmospheric sounds and occasional wisps of music. I prefer mood enhancement over a total sense of "realism", with birds chirping or wind blowing or some such crap. I'm looking at you, Syberia!
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    I suppose it will be background music,( I know exactly how stupid that sentance sounds). What I mean is that you probably couldn't narrow the music for the game down to any genre except for background music. I've been thinking about old adventure games and they don't very dramatic music during gameplay. Most only have music to lightly complement the game. Just like a garnish on some food. You notice when it isn't there and you notice when it's over the top.
    When I start jumping up and down on the living room couch air guitaring to the rock music that's exploding out of my speakers , I just know that something isn't right.
  • yeah music does real well for a game. Like grim. The music was great in that game. Really set a good tone.
  • I'm hoping they can get any of the old LucasArts composers: Land, McConnell, Bajakan. That would be awesome.
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    I suppose the telltale crew have good connections when it comes to music and will take that part of the game seriously as well. Most LA games have had good background music and that's where some of the devs come from.

    The Bone universe has lots of opportunity for theme based background music. Locations could be inspiration: Grandma Ben's farm, the village, Lucius' tavern, the forrest. As well as characters: The bone cousins, Thorn, rat creatures, the red dragon.
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