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TWD Season 1 - After latest update no savegame found on iPad

posted by Aymara on - Viewed by 1.7K users

I have the complete pack of Season 1 and updated to the latest version 1.7 yesterday. Today when I started the game, I only have the option to start a new game on all three slots. I verified with a tool, that all save games and prefs.prop in the Documents folder are still available. But ingame it looks as if I never played this game. So far I only downloaded Episodes 1-3 and want to continue with Episode 3.

What can I do, that the app shows my save games ingame? As far as I can see I can do nothing, because my iPad is not jailbroken. So please fix that or show me a solution!

BTW, I use iOS 7.1.1 on an iPad Air (WiFi only).
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    TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
    I apologize for the inconvenience, your save games should be able to be read. Can you please clarify if you ever moved or altered your save files from within the app? You may just need to clear your device's cache and restart the app.

    Please close the game and all other applications running in the background. This should free up necessary system resources. (To close an app running in the background on iOS 6 and before: double tap the home button to make all running apps appear at the bottom of the screen, hold down on an app you wish to close and red buttons will appear, tap the red buttons to close the apps. If on iOS 7, double tap the home button and swipe up on the open apps to close them) Also, please turn off your iOS device for at least three minutes before attempting to play the game again. This will allow the device’s cache to clear.

    Then after restarting your device, please reset the WiFi by turning the WiFi Settings Off, and back On again. Then try starting the game application again, and see if you are able to continue your save games.
    • Thanks for your tips, Mike, but it didn't help.

      I closed all running apps, shut down the iPad, and after the restart a few minutes later switched off WiFi and on again.
      I then only started TWD, but the problem is the same. All the game slots show "new game".
      Regarding the question, if I altered save games ... I don't even know how ;-) As far as I remember, I only used slot one, but iFunBox showed over 20 save files besides the prefs.prop

      I hope we find a solution!
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        TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
        Unfortunately we do not support the altering of game files, as this has been known to break the game saves. Can you please clarify what episode you were on before the game saves stopped working?
        • Mike, sorry, but what did you mean with altering save games? As I said before I didn't alter anything.

          I only used game slot 1 and I was in Season 1, Episode 3, last played in March 2014. So far all was fine. Then I updated to 1.7 at the last weekend and when I started the app, it couldn't connect. So I closed the app, started it again, it connected this time without problems and when I wanted to load my save game, the app showed "New Game" on all slots.

          So I did some research about TWD save games and just looked with iFunBox, if the save game files are still there, where they should be and found out they are. BTW, iFunBox only has read access to my iPad, because it is NOT jailbroken!

          So I don't see, how I myself could have done anything myself, which caused this problem.
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            TelltaleMike Telltale Staff
            Apologies for the confusion. Unfortunately other than restarting your device to clear the cache, and resetting the WiFi settings of your device, I am out of potential solutions to restore your save files. I recommend contacting Apple Support to see if the recent update had a similar effect on other games, as we have not heard of this particular issue before. If they are unable to help, your save files may have become corrupted, and your option then would be to delete and re-download the game, and start a new save slot. Again, my sincerest apologies for any difficulties this causes you.
            • Come on Mike, you know that it is complete nonsense to contact Apple. I already played TWD on iOS 7.1, so it's caused by the latest TWD update and nothing else.

              Not your fault, but shame on Telltale's development department, that still didn't solve this well known bug, causing exactly this problem after game updates on all platforms over and over again, which is well documented in all game forums over the net.
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