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She-wolf? and Snow's perfume.

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UPDATE: I believe CryWolf (control-f search his name to see why) may have proven me wrong, but I am not 100% sure just yet, more like 90%. Please read the thread and view the photo in question and weigh in on what you think! Thanks!

THIS WILD IDEA IS TOTAL SPECULATION, NOT A THEORY I AM TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU ALL OF, SO PLEASE BE NICE. If you look at Snow's perfume after talking to TJ, you can see it is called "Lejaloba". See a picture of it below.

"Lejas [de]" in Spanish means, "far from"
"Loba" (with an A, not an O), in Spanish means "she-wolf".

While not a real word, "Lejaloba" could be translated as something like, "She-wolf away" or "She-wolf repellent". Remember it is a perfume -- it doesn't need to be a real word. "Lejas de Lobas" ("far away from she-wolves) doesn't sound like it would sell.

Maybe it is just an Easter Egg by TTG, but what if (since this is at least 20 years before Bigby and Snow got married), Bigby had a crazy ex-girlfriend or at least someone who didn't like him that was She-wolf?

Additionally, Crane's antacids (on the same desk as the perfume) are called, "Lo-presto".

In Spanish "presto" means "speedily" or "fast acting", which is exactly what is says in English on the bottom of the bottle. I haven't noticed Spanish in any other scene. Maybe TTG was using Spanish in this scene as a very subtle clue to have us think about what the perfume might mean.

Maybe the wolf in sheep's clothing isn't Bigby. Maybe it is a female wolf, who has been hiding in plain sight the whole time.

Again this is a thought, not a theory. What are your thoughts?
  • Nice find.
  • Looks more like "Leialoha" to me.
    • Yep, you're right. Steve Leialoha is a DC Comics artist. It's an Easter Egg. Welp, good think I said this was just a thought and not a theory lol. However, I called you right because it does say "Leiahola", but there are other things going on. Easter Eggs and clues aren't necessarily mutually exclusive. I am not sure that I am wrong just yet. See the comment of mine two comments down.
  • A she-wolf would be pretty sweet, a game like this could use one!
    • I think so too! I still think CryWolf is right, but I am not certain anymore. Again, please keep in mind THIS IS CONJETCURE. IT IS NOT A THEORY that I believe has got to be true -- in fact I'm only about 10% sure that it is, SO PLEASE BE NICE.

      Sidenote: TTG support, I know you're working hard to resolve the troll issue, but would allowing us to make the text bold or italic hinder the process? I thought it was only an abuse of embedded links that led to the problem.I am tired of seeming like I am yelling all the time, haha.

      If you look at the picture, the key letters are ambiguous. The i has a slight curve to the left at the bottom, like a j would, The bottom of the h is not open, and looks like it could be a b. I am not saying it doesn't say "Leiahola". It does. But due to the ambiguity, it could also say "Lejaloba". There's the issue of the only other Spanish word in the game appearing in the same scene too.

      Another reason why I think it could be true is this quote from the Mirror, "Friend on friend, at the end of the end". Bigby must be one of the friends because we're him. Snow is really his only friend (sort of Colin and Bufkin too). If you interpret the quote as being a physical fight, well, the aforementioned three wouldn't last long. I think Bigby will fight someone who is/was his friend and who also matches his physical strength and abilities, like a she-wolf for instance.

      This paragraph has nothing to do with she-wolves, but it supports the evidence in the above paragraph.Let's assume there will be a friend on friend confrontation; the friendship of her and Bigby is beginning to wane. Look at how she sought his advice at the beginning. Now she's ordering Bigby (as a boss, not a suggestion as a friend) to burn Greenleaf's tree, for instance. Also: "I AM NOT YOUR'S TO LOSE!" or this: (Bigby when talking to Rachel): "This is my partner..." (Snow to Bigby): "Boss". There is even a highly-viewed thread about Snow being "an uptight business bitch".

      Another Snow reason that supports my theory is that of good old irony. I mean the real kind (Unintended consequences that are opposite to your original intent), not the Alanis Morisette kind. Now that Snow is in charge, she will likely make it easier for Fables to come through the "front door" to get out of the Homelands (she said this was her goal to Bigby at the end of Ep.1). Fables previously barred from coming to NYC would flood Fabletown, and this could come back to bite her in the butt perhaps literally, by a she-wolf..,
      • Hmmm, most interesting speculations ya got there! Well, we can only hope that they'll include one anyway, if not in this particular season. It sounds more and more probable that there'll be a second season in the works after this, 5 episodes just wouldn't be enough to explore everything in this universe!
  • Actually, that's "Leialoha". Like, Steve Leialoha. The comic book artist that illustrates Fables. I'm pretty sure that's just a sorta Easter egg. But your "speculation" is interesting, nonetheless.
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    Butt-head BANNED
    Wow. If Steve Leialoha is she-wolf, then whole TTG crew is in danger and we won't get TWD this month.
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