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I have a bit of a problem with Bone TGCR! I was at the point where I had to trade eggs with that carnie to get his hat to make the udder for the cow suit, but when I got the it, the viking helmet is gone. Now i can't complete my cow suit! What am I gonna do?!:confused::eek:


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    It's been a while since I played this game, so I can't remember what the viking helmet has to do with this puzzle, but are you sure you're asking the right person? I think the guy with the udder helmet is near the barn.
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    Yes! That's the guy I tslked to. If any experienced gamers out there have any advice I could sure use it.:confused:
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    By the way this is changing the subject, but i discovered something weird. I paused the game right at the intro so i could go to the bathroom and when i came back and unpaused the game I atomatically got got all the stuff i need to beat the game! This is gonna be short! :eek:
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    in the backyard by the chickens, you will see the possum kids under the helmet. also, if you dont have a tail yet, go in the kitvhen and knock something off the barrel in the middle. lucious will give you a mop. use that for the tail. you might need to do this first to see the possum kids
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