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Coming this summer


  • Looks good but font is just awful.
  • That chick, Fiona, is pretty hot. Looks cool but I don't know much about Borderlands, other than, other than the one we got at my house, and my mom put a couple of games on there and I play 'em.
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    It's the same font used in 2's subtitles.
  • The greeeeed !!!! I want all games from TTG !!
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    It's great and all that they have a new game to look forward to but unless they get their shit together, i'm not interested. I don't want to fund them making it so that we have to wait even longer for each episode, with them juggling three games with alternate release dates. The Walking Dead is my main priority of their games and if they release episode one of tales of the borderlands before releasing episode three of the TWDG I will be SO pissed.
  • This looks awesome. I can't wait!
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    There are hotter ones that come to visit Pandora!
  • I don't know how I feel about this. I'll play the game but I will protest if this effects how often TWDG comes out...
  • They said they have different teams for each game so I don't get what the problem is guys? Telltale is actually hiring a lot of new people now could be for this or GoT. This looks pretty cool to me, hope its as good as TWD and TWAU because the source material is not as rich as with those 2 but that might not be bad because then they have much more room to do whatever they want with the story.
  • Well I felt that Borderlands 1 didn't have much to story but I liked the characters.

    I felt that Borderlands 2 actually had a pretty good story, obviously not the best but It was still pretty good like that fight with Bloodwing was heartbreaking for me because in BL1 I used Mordecai all the time.

    Then there was Roland when he died that was sad and now I'm even more invested in the Vault Hunters stories especially Zero's!
  • I played only Borderlands 2, Claptrap and Handsome Jack where the best characters because they added a lot of humor to the game. I felt that the story was seconday to the gameplay wheres in TWD and TWAU story comes first and gameplay is secondary. So it will be interesting to see what they will do with that.
  • I thought we were going to play as the robot arm man but its look like it will be the chick
  • It's going to switch off between the two of them.
  • Fiona looks alot like Carley's model
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    Telltale has stated that you switch between the two different perspectives at pre-determined points in the story.

    The gimmick is that you will play certain scenes twice - once as Rhys, and once as Fiona. Both of the protagonists are extremely greedy, and will glorify themselves while downplaying the importance of the other character.
  • It'll be interesting !
  • Coool that seems like a great idea, thanks for the info !
  • Looks fun and interesting, and super excited to see Shade there. Not to mention Zer0 as well. it looks like the first episode is going to be about Zer0 and this bandit lord, the one whose arm he cuts off? I wonder why Rhys and Fiona are there. One is a con artist and the other is a Hyperion man, so.... I don't expect friendly relations with the Vault Hunter. But I don't expect them to face off with Zer0 either, not unless they want to get killed.

    It's going to be interesting to watch this story develop.

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    i was gonna buy TFTB but now i kinda dont want to

  • IF this turns out to be shit i will be disappointed because they could of put more effort into TWD and TWAU instead..

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