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Telltale posted new screenshots and more details on Tales from the Borderlands! Link: (add the ''h'' to the beginning to make it work) ttp://


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    ###Thread: new screen shots thoughts..amazing game..CANT WAIT


    tales from the borderlands I THINK THAT RHYS HAS SOME POWER TO CONTROL ROBOTS ..he has probably some strong power in his arm that looks he control this robot to kill his enemy..he was weapons manufacturer so he probably be have some his own weapons and amazing power..2nd screen WAS PROBABLY DISCUSS SOMETHING WITH FIONA..may be he was a enemy of Fiona..he has some point so he was going to be appear the enemy of fiona ..3rd was probably enemies of rhys and Fiona and at this point in the game zero was going to be appear and he was helping the rhys to kill his enemies maybe he has some point of his own that's why he help rhys ..4rt this screen you see that zero was kill enemy who was drive the car in previous screen i.e 3rd screen .last screen is really the amazing point of the game where two characters meet and know each other this point it looks that Fiona is really angry on him because may be rhys go into his car which was shown in the picture and take his stuff so they meet at this point like telltale games said..this was confirm that loot will be useable in future of borderlands franchise and each episode price is 4.99$ or you buy season pass...tales from the borderlands was telltale series confirm to come after TWD SE 2 and TWAU completes ..if you look on shooting stuff then you might be not a fan of tales..or if you like to play TWD AND TWAU so you love this game ..we get our hands on episode 1 after summer..CONFIRM
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    Here is a slideshow.
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    ###Thread: Thoughts from the Screenshots


    It's speculation time. Or rather, derr, here are some obvious things in the screenshots that we could talk about.

    1) The Hyperion Moonbase is still visible in the sky above the planet and this takes place after Borderlands 2. Will Hyperion remain the big bad of the game? The presence of Rhys may prove/disprove this, since he's using a Hyperion bot to his advantage and he works for them. But there's little reason the people on Pandora would suddenly be okay with this. Hyperion were total jerks.

    2) Shade is in one of the screenshots. (He was a supporting NPC in the first of BL2's DLCs) Anyone important mayhaps, or just a brief encounter?

    3) Zer0 makes an appearance, but TT already confirmed that he, Moxxi and other characters from the main games would be in the game. Will these characters be fleeting meets/encounters or perhaps they'll play a bigger role?

    4) Though the same assets from BL 2 are used in regards to the environment, the settlement in the screenshots does not look like Sanctuary or any other town in the games. From what TT has said so far about them wanting to explore what no one has explored in the universe as of yet, would it probably be a brand new place? Though...

    5) The sign in one screenshot reads Prosperity Junction Station. New place, or was that the name of the station in Lynchwood/DLC town?
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    Damn it, I completely forgot that was Shade and thought he was T.K. Baha the first time I saw the picture. I've a feeling that Shade will just be a side character though. To appeal to the Shade fans, if there were any in the first place. Haha.

    I'm really hoping to have a conversation with Zer0 (in my opinion), he's just too badass to pass up a chat with! ;)
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    Haven't played Borderlands 2 yet, though I've played the first, so I'm not in a particularly knowledgeable place to speculate on this as it takes place after the second game. However, I have read a feature in a gaming magazine about it, which features concept art and the some of the screenshots TellTale recently released. I've tried looking for it online to no avail, so I typed out a couple of points below.
    -Rhys and his friend Vaughn, an accountant, head to Pandora to make a deal with Shade, who owns a shop called 'Shade's World of Curiosities', and who is in possession of 'one of the most valuable objects on Pandora', according to Telltale lead designer Harrison Pink.
    -Zer0 is fighting a bandit lord called Bossanova in the same town as Shade's shop, and fight while Rhys and Vaughn are there.
    It's not much - obviously there's more in the article - it's just that these two relate to your points.
  • Oooooh, interesting, thanks for the details! I'll see if I can dig it up.
  • Im excited as hell for rhys and Fiona to meet zero but i really hope krieg and axton appear
  • I've found an article which directly references the article from which I wrote the information above, if you see what I mean. Not all of it's in there however it might still be of interest: 'More Tales from the Borderlands Details Revealed -'. Seeing as how links are still persona non grata, copy the bit above and Google it - should be the first result.
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