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TWAU reminds me of Gabriel Knight

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I'm not sure if anyone ever knows of the existence of 'Gabriel Knight'...It is a horror adventure game created by Sierra....long time ago.

The game was grrrrrrrrreat, and it has some similar atmosphere to TWAU.

First, the hero.....though Gabriel is not a hunky sexy beast like Bigby, (actually he is softer, cheesier, funnier, ....a bit dimwitted version of Bigby?)
He is good-looking detective who digs into ancient/medieval horror mysteries. He is not exactly a detective, but somehow always ends up dragging himself into dark, messy cases.
he is kinda---------funnier and cuter version of Bigby? Though he is not a wolf, he becomes wolf in some episode.

and the heroine-his assistant, she is a cold, smart japanese woman, who is a bit bossy because her employer is not-so-bright. (no offense, Mr. Knight, I like it.) Her hobby is nagging her boss.
She reminds me of Snow. She treats Gabriel coldly, but she always cares about him very much.

and the game was shockingly violent and raw-thinking it was 90's, GK was REAL horror game, unlike other 'just violent action/adventure games', GK has some chilling air which gives you goose bumps.
First episode was about voodoo curse and witches, I've never seen any other games or even movies making voodoo spell look THAT SCARY.

TWAU was First game which gave me that kind of vibe ever since Gabriel Knight series. ('STILL LIFE '? you call it a horror-detective game? give my money back!!)

....I wish telltales remake Gabriel Knight 21th version someday. i actually don't see why telltales chose 'Borderlands' as their 'adventure' remake. (not saying it is bad game, I's a FPS game with simple plot...never mind, anyway)

Or they can make TWAU season 2.3,4,....7.
  • Ah, Gabriel Knight, that takes me back. I played the crap out of those games.
  • I normally don't play horror games, but this 'Gabriel Knight' looks unique, seems to be very underrated. In which I am sure that goes for a lot of games similar to this one that most have probably never even heard of!
    • They aren't underrated at all, the GK series are considered classics of the genre (well 1 and 2 are anyway). 'Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within' is, imo, the greatest adventure game ever made, to this day. Alongside 'The Last Express' anyway but I give the edge to GK2 just cos I love horror stuff. You don't even have to play the first as it is a completely separate story. Beg, borrow or steal a copy or better yet get it from gog cheap as chips.
  • Yes, a thousand times this. =)
    I am a huge GK fan, my favorite is actually the first one, The Sins of the Fathers. =)
    Finished TWAU the other day (and loved it) and I just realized how close in tone these two narratives are.

    But I see what you way about GK. I didn't find it so much scary as being very good about instilling into you that sensation of discomfort for dealing with the occult.
    Now I'm left pining for a fourth Gabriel Knight by Telltale. =)

  • Hmm I've never heard of it, but it sounds cool. I hope Telltale makes more games with the same feeling as Wolf

  • ....I wish telltales remake Gabriel Knight 21th version someday

    actually GK is getting a remake right now, by it´s creator nontheless... i´m really looking forward to it!

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