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[STEAM] The ultimate decision! Kenny VS Lilly SHOWDOWN (UPDATE: Event concluded, Results up)

posted by GuiltyKingOumaShu on - last edited - Viewed by 8.4K users
Brothers and sisters of the TTG community!

Since ages long forgotten we all have been united by one thing: TWDG. For it has an amazing story and amazing characters. But there is ONE thing the community could never agree on.


We tried to solve this question with reason. We tried to solve it with diplomacy. Nothing worked. The question remains unanswered to this very day. Well, I don't know how YOU guys feel about all this, but I certainly am sick of this endless debate. That's right. It's time to end this. How you ask? Simple.


Brothers and sisters of this community! Are you ready to fight for what you believe in? Will you help Team Mustache to defeat these pesky Lilly fanatics? Or will you take arms and aid Team Lilly against the endless hordes of Kenny fanboys? The decision is yours!

If you have Steam and Team Fortress 2 installed on your computer, head over to the TTG Steam Group (steamcommunity(.)com/groups/TelltaleGamesForumMembers/discussions) and check out the enrollment thread in which you can enlist yourself into Kenny's or Lilly's army.

After we have reached a satisfying amount of players (at least 12), we will get over into the next phase of preparation. Let's hope we get enough participants. Don't forget. Kenny and Lilly are counting on you!

UPDATE: Here is the conclusion of the event I tried to organize:

Not really surprising, I bet the very few who actually participated knew it would turn out like this. Congratz to Team Dat Puss Tonight for winning the event. Sadly, it still proves nothing, because half the team consisted of Kenny Fans helping Lilly out. Thank you to: AWESOMEO, CaptainGreasepalms, Cactus_Sauce, Arthur_Matrix, Aarn, That_1_Guy, Baldex and PassiveAggressiveGary for participating. Special thanks to Captain Greasepalms and Cactus_Sauce for their support in organizing this event. You are awesome.

My personal opinion regarding this event?

It was a mess. I wanted to create something cool and fun, but nothing worked like I wanted it to. Of 20 people who said they would come, only 9 actually showed up. That's not even half. Therefore, the event was pretty uneven and short lived. It was mediocre at best, when it had the potential to be so much more. All I can say is that I put far too much effort into this only to deliver an event that could be described as "meh" at best. Nevertheless, I am happy we still managed to get through with it, half-ruined as it was from the get-go.

The result shows me that there is little to no interest for such events and therefore I won't bother doing another one again. I probably won't have the time for something like that anymore anyway.

That being said, I will still offer my assistance with organizing another one, as long as I don't have to be the center of it anymore, because wasting a whole week and half the weekend running after participants, who end up not actually showing up, was not my understanding of fun. (No offense to the people who had reasons for not showing up. Though I am very pissed at the people who signed in on day 1 and were never heard of again.)

Anyway, that's it from me.

GKOS over and out.
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