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I have a theory about Kenny's death.
Well it's actually a friends theory but i added onto it.
Anyway, Clem, Sarita and Kenny will be surrounded by walkers. And Kenny will tell them to get away, and he will hold them off.
Kenny will charge toward the walkers, and you have the option of grabbing Kenny's arm and stopping him.
Kenny will kneel down and take Clem's arm off of him, and say 'You take care of Sarita, Clementine, goodbye' and fight off the walkers.


  • Then next season he appears with a Dumbledore beard, saying he got lucky.
  • I don't think Ken will get epic last words this time. TTG's way of saying, "Be careful what you ask for."
  • I'm hoping they do something special still, I don't want them to waste a character like that. I don't mean something necessarily showing him as some epic hero guy again, maybe turning him into a villain.
  • I'd rather have an episode 5 "choose Kenny or Luke" situation, I'd feel burdened to protect Sarita if that situation happened. I'm not really a very big fan of her character so far, she didn't get very much screen time yet.
  • I have a feeling Kenny is going to lose an eye this next episode.
  • Oh and he'd get an EYEPATCH OMG.Kenny the Pirate.
  • I'm not saying he will die next episode, it was just a theory for when it happens, if it happens, which i don't want to happen.
    I want him to stay alive.
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    Well , believe it or not , Kenny will not die before Clem , because killing of a character after bringing him back from absolute death
    is totally pointless unless you kill HIM/HER alongside the main character .

    Telltale won't kill Clem because whole season 1 would be pointless then , so as long as the main character ( Clem ) lives , Kenny lives , It's hard to understand but yeah , it just how it works ..
  • That would be so Kenny, actually!
  • So basically... he dies the same way? :P
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    That's not at all how it works.

    That's like saying 'Clem can only survive if Lee survives'.

    I would bet 50 pounds that Kenny will, at least optionally, be dead by the end of this season. No, 100 pounds.

    Come on downvoters, don't be shy.
  • So you want Kenny to sacrifice himself again just like season 1

    Only this time he dies
  • You know, 'you fight it out' attitude to have an eyepatch!
  • I don't think zombies discriminate on whose eyes they gouge out depending on if that person doesn't want to die or not.
  • Just sayin' if he somehow managed to get only ONE eye gouged out he wouldn't whine about it but wear an eyepatch with pride that he survived
  • Actually, sudden and uneventful deaths of main characters can be somewhat appealing; they're just unexpected. I know that's happened in movies before and it was pretty interesting (see Children of Men for instance).
  • Wouldn't most people wear an eyepatch if they had their eye gouged out?
  • Well yeah, he ain't an urban.
  • Kenny would wear it with pride :D
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    Fair enough, but you didn't say that wearing it with pride was 'so kenny' you said losing an eye was 'so kenny' :p
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    Remember that lee never disappeared or had a major comeback , we're talking about Kenny who had escaped a big herd

    of zombies with only one bullet , so you just kill him off after that ? totally pointless to me .
  • So, what, you think he's immortal?
  • No , but he won't die before season 3 is finished , Have my word on that .
  • Your 'word' would mean nothing unless you work at Telltale, but we'll have to wait and see I guess ^^
  • Yeah I know , Everything is possible ..
  • Oh, sure, they'll do something with the character, but I highly doubt that they'd give him an epic death if no one was satisfied with it last time.
  • That would be stupid. Not to be a dick, but that would suck. We have had enough THIS CHARACTER, OR THIS CHARACTER? If they do that, then it has to be subtle and tricky. Like Alvin's death. Something that you don't know will end their life or not.
  • Not "choose Kenny or Luke to live". I mean like the group gets separated into 2 groups from a disagreement, led by Luke and Kenny, and Clementine has to choose one go go with, with both of them desiring her companionship. A lot of people really like both Luke and Kenny, I think choosing one to just leave behind would be harder than choosing one to let die.
  • Everyone loved Kenny's thought to be death scene, saying it was a "perfect character arc". He's just been such a big character for such a long time, I'd hate to see him turned into a mere fanservice and tearjerker.
  • Yeah, that would be kinda really lame.
  • They weren't satisfied, though. "KENNY SEASON 2."

    I literally am quoting here:

    "If Kenny isn't in season 2, I will quit playing this game forever."

    Well. Not literally, but you get it.
  • Yep.
    I suck at theories, don't i?
  • Well, there were some people that were a little too obsessed with Kenny, and I'm pretty sure they're all still around here since Kenny is back, but a lot of Kenny fans aren't like that. Me, for instance. I figured he would be in season 2 despite the unlikeliness since his death was never shown and Telltale was teasing his return, but I wouldn't have just flipped a table and left if he wasn't in season 2 lol.

    And yes, that actually is quite literal. That's literally what some of them said, I believe I actually recall people threatening to stop playing the game if Kenny didn't return. It seemed excessive to me.

    Still, I think everyone appreciated his thought to be death scene in season 1, right? Even you said that until he returned and trashtalked Ben, it redeemed him in your eyes.
  • Maybe to you, since the decision would be easy to you(Luke), but a lot of people would be completely torn in any Kenny or Luke decision. They're some of the biggest fan-favorites.

    Imagine two of your favorite characters, now imagine having to choose between those two. At that, imagine it's a situation in which the one you don't choose doesn't die, but you leave them behind and completely betray them. You'd get a lot more time to regret your decision since they wouldn't die suddenly right after. For a lot of people, the two perfect characters for that situation at the moment are Kenny and Luke.
  • I've met few Kenny fans and far between who think like that, friend.

    As for him being redeemed, he would only be redeemed if he had died. Surviving would make me wary of him, and him unthinkably saying what he said makes him a flat villain in my eyes.
  • But choosing which person to get to like you has already been done. It's tired, we should throw it out. Last time, it only made bad things happen.
  • It only made bad things happen. Exactly. And bad things happening in the story make for better plot. Do you expect GOOD things to happen often in the zombie apocalypse?

    Choosing which person to get to has already been done, but not when you know both characters so well and when they're both such important and big characters to the story, and it's never been done in that way before. I'm talking about a lasting effect, like the one you go with stays with you in season 3 or something.
  • "Far between who think like that"? I don't understand what you mean. D:

    Why does dying mean he's redeemed? He still walked into almost certain death for the same reasons, the only thing that changed is he somehow lived. Why does him regretting what he did make him a villain to you? I mean making you hate him is reasonable, but a villain? Well I guess we'll see if he's a villain or not in episode 3, maybe my theory that Kenny is the person who murders someone is right lol.
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