All the hate?

I get it we all wanted TWD episode 3 info but now there are people already talking about how shitty and boring this game is even though it hasn't come out yet!

Why all the hate?

EDIT: Well it's been established multiple times that TFTB won't effect TWD or TWAU, and the Gearbox community members are really awesome and chill from what I've seen so far so I still don't get the hate?

I guess it's just some people are assholes..


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    Several people who are new Telltale fans think one game series equals a delay on another.

    People similarly hated Wolf Among Us before it came out because they accused it of delaying Season 2 of Walking Dead, but look at how much people enjoy the game now.
  • Yeah I can tell Game of Thrones will be the target of hate when news for that eventually comes...

    ...Funny you should say that.
  • Yeah some people are bashing others for being excited. All of this will change once the episode comes out.
  • Yeah it's kinda bullshit I'm a huge TWD fan but I'm also a huge Borderlands fan so I'm excited for this game but because I want this game I'm a bastard apparently.
  • I'm very excited about Tales from Borderlands :D I Love Borderlands games and it bums me that people are bashing the universe and games so much :( They have very nice lore and background if you pay attention to the games. The games have very unique style of humor (at first glance you might think it's childish), it's gritty and rough around edges, I love the style.
  • I know they said Zer0 will be in this game I hope they reveal his past!
  • Because telltale makes story based games. Borderlands 1 & 2 had by far one of the worst stories of any game I have played. The only reason that game is successful is because of the looting, gameplay, and playing with friends and telltale can't deliver in any of these areas.
  • 2K didnt made a story for the characters. They only realized it after Borderlands 1 and they regret not to made it better in the second part. Also i like Borderlands 2 for the humor and some easter eggs. (Maybe there are too many in the game).

    What i hope are some good story telled episodes and all with the Borderlands humor. Also i hope that all fans of the other episode get happy with an end for TWD and "Wolf among us".

    Also you see a Handsome Jack poster on the background of the trailer. Maybe it's before you start Borderlands 2. Maybe they explain how the heroes get in the train.
  • Oh yeah I saw Zer0 in the screenshots :) Personally I didn't think much about that character, but some background information is always nice. I hope they would include other characters from the games too. My favorites being Mordecai from first game and Maya from second. :D
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    Borderlands 1 doesn't count for its storyline because it had little to no story at all. (apart from various audio logs that littered each area and your main objective of opening the Vault) It felt like more of a tech demo than anything else when it first came out, until the dlc's improved the game greatly. Anyways, at least Borderlands 2 had a story to begin with when compared to the first one, a huge improvement. Besides, if you actually listen to the audio logs, you'll find out there's more story on Pandora than you would think. And of course, various references involving the first Borderlands in the second.
  • For me it's simple, I really dislike the setting and "story" of the Borderlands series, along with the characters and voice acting, the art style, etc. I like the game for it's gameplay, so I play it, but only because there is no other looting fps/arpg that I could play instead, as of yet. So obviously I'd be happier if the resources that go into making this game would go somewhere else, for example a Buffy the vampire slayer adventure game, that would be awesome! :)
  • People say that a franchise like Borderlands won't work as a Telltale game. Just because it was brought up to be a shooter, doesn't mean that it can tell a really good story for once. Pandora is a giant world that Gearbox really only dug halfway into, and this gives Telltale the chance to dig even farther.
  • The reactions that particular thread had were actually laughable in my opinion.

    Telltale said that Game Of Thrones as a franchise is bigger than TWD. And it is, more characters, more storylines, more factions and forces, not to mention it's story spans over hundreds of years. I'm assuming you already checked the thread yourself...that,unfortunately, is the opinion from the majority of TWD fans.

    But as Blind Sniper stated, something similar happened with TWAU, and it hasn't really stopped either. People continue to say Telltale thinks of TWAU as the bigger franchise judging by their tweets. Not realizing this is just Telltale's hyping process so to speak. I guess what set the "hate" in motion was the most recent tweets with the new screenshots. It'll pass, I hope...
  • It bothers me that people are so quick to stereotype and deride the BL community as a bunch of immature FPS twats. I've been a regular at the 2K Borderlands Forums in the past and I can say from experience it's mostly home to friendly, helpful and courteous people, much like this community.

    And yet, folks talk about the arrival of Borderlands fans like they're the Golden Horde, coming to pillage and destroy the community. It's xenophobia, plain and simple.
  • Me too and your 100% correct
  • People who were fans of Telltale's classic puzzle-oriented titles thought the same thing about Walking Dead fans as Season 1 grew to immense popularity. I'm not trying to indirectly insult any Walking Dead fans by saying this, but rather I am pointing out what seems to be a common cycle on this forum.

    I'd link to a Circle of Life video on YouTube, but alas, links aren't back up yet.
  • Your post was refreshing and a breath of fresh air. I hail from the GearBox forums and I am nothing even close to being an immature FPS twat. Id hate to think everyone here would see me as such though.
    I am not ignorant to the type of games Tell Tale creates. Are they vastly different than how Borderlands plays? Yes. And I for one welcome that. I love story telling in games. And while I am a huge Borderlands fan (hell I am even one of their moderators over at the GearBox forums) I cannot wait to experience what TT does in a completely new way.
    Ive always wanted more indepth story with that franchise. Its what I prefer in games actually. And I know TT will give me just that.

    Dont worry, the Borderlands community wont pillage your lovely place here. I promise.
  • Omg its you kitty jo lol didn't expect to see you on here lol
  • If you're the same Zeke from the GBX forums as I assume you are, its nice to see you again! Yea. Im a Tell Tale forum novice. Be gentle. ;)
  • Yes i am and i can't wait to see your reaction if they confirm mordi is in the game lol
  • This looks like a good thread to doff my cap and say hello to those who are Telltale forum regs. I am a fairly regular poster over at the gearbox forums and there are more than a few of us who are feeling a bit of a buzz about the coming Tales game. There will be a few more of us now your linked in to our main page :)

    Personally I came into TWD a little late to the party, purchasing the season pass after all episodes and 400 days had been released. After months of shoot and loot coming into Telltails game world was not only a welcome breather but something reminiscent of the point and click adventures I used to love. Now their going to give us the chance to get right into the nitty gritty of bl's stories I can't wait to speculate here about where these cannon stories might take the rest of the bl games. There's the chance here for something really special.

    Oh and a quick wave to Kitty, Zeke and any one else over from the Gearbox forums :)
  • Welcome to the community!

    The poster of this thread was banned for some reason.... :(
  • In that case, allow me to be among the first people who will greet you back from this side:). Although I can't say I've been here for very long, your post along with Kitty_Jo's one left me pleasantly surprised and like you said, I can't wait for more people to join up when the game is finally released and have lots of theories and speculations while waiting for the episodes to come out.
  • Thanks for the welcome! It should be fun once things get into full swing. Right now I think I better take a quick look at your comment system. Think I thought I was quoting in another thread, may have committed a second post faux pas. Soooo once I've stopped bumping into the furniture I look forward to getting involved!
  • I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else here. Also look forward to being able to contribute more to other forums here soon. Just picked up the TWD game. Im not even sure why I waited so long to get that. Im a huge fan of that franchise in general. I am also a huge procrastinator though...
  • I'm sure you'll like it. I remember the first time I played TWD. I didn't know anything about the franchise... Needless to say, I was hooked from the start and also started to check the tv series along with the comics. A similar thing happened to me with TWAU, I underestimated it at first, and after I finished the episode I couldn't get enough. So yeah, I guess TFB is in good hands.

    Anyway, hope you stay here for quite some time. I've also played the Borderlands games, but I never actually bothered to check it's community. Might just do that pretty soon:).
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    However, Markdown is temporarily disabled as of recently while Telltale is preparing some backend improvements to the forum. After that, Markdown and its features (quoting, images, bold/italic text, etc) should return.
  • Thanks for the info! Did find threads on new pics/with links a little confusing so that explains a lot. Look forward to full functionality :)
  • Just chiming in to say I'm also a TTG fan looking forward to Tales from the Borderlands. It sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun to play.

    And I also can't wait to see what they do with Game of Thrones. I remember the delays on the first season of Walking Dead, and TTG seem to be doing much better this time around especially with two games running concurrently.
  • Like some of the others here, recent transfer from the GBX boards (damn you kitty, stealing the only venture brothers avatar. Then again, I suppose tycho will do). Been a fan of the Borderlands franchise since 2 was released, and am also a huge fan of TWD as well as poker night. And venture brothers. And game of thrones. And other nerdy stuff.

    Very excited about this - I think the two companies will work together better than most expect, and think that telltale is poised to make a very memorable entry into BL lore. I is excite.
  • people say that telltale can't do any franchises that don't have a dark story well news flash to you noobs before the walking dead majority of telltale's games were light hearted and had some focus on humor so tales will be awesome
  • Yeah, it's pretty hilarious (for all the wrong reasons) when people say that Telltale isn't capable of doing comedy.
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    Thanky, good sir/madam.
  • yeah the telltale being dark thing started i think in the last 2 episodes of tales of monkey island and countied in sam and max season 3 whtich came out after words. it's like these new people think walking dead is the first game telltale ever made or something.
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    You're Welcome

    P.S I'm a guy lol
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