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Hugh Bliss costume

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So my friend's dentist's wife's brother's dog's previous owner's cat's sister's owner's dentist wants to be Hugh Bliss for Halloween and okay it's me, and I'm doing pretty well considering I have no money and am shopping at thrift stores, but I'm pretty stuck for something to use as that jacket he wears, since I failed fashion school and can't identify clothes and am incredibly picky. So what exactly is the jacket he wears or does anyone know the kind of thing I might be able to use as it?

Remember, my entire happiness rests on this jacket/coat thing, so ask yourself, do you really want to make me cry on Halloween?

And ask yourself this... Do you want to be able to laugh at me if I post pictures later? Because I won't if I can't finish :(

EDIT: Oh yeah and in case anyone's interested everything I got so far had to be from the women's section, surprise surprise, so I'm not fussy on what it ends up being lol
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  • I think all you need is a completely white jacket. I don't know what to do about the tie, though.
  • I've got something I think works for the tie, I just need the jacket. It's really hard to find anything though and I left it too late to use ebay since the only seller with a decent jacket that I've found is from the UK and I'm in the US currently
  • I've seen some male movie stars wear all white clothes, but they might be expensive.

    As an art student, I have learned that unique costumes can be made as long as you have the right products. You could find a white tie, and have it tye-died with rainbow colors; and you can find a white wig or make your own with artificial hair found in some craft or design stores.
  • Hmm. Looking at screenshots, it's a pretty simple jacket, no buttons or anything. You could probably find a large sweatshirt or something that's the right color, cut the cuffs off the sleeves, and cut it open down the front. Or something.
  • I've got some white pants, a blouse(!) for under the jacket, a hippie bandana from the halloween store which works surprisingly well as the neck tie, and I've got some white hair spray dye thing and some stuff that will hopefully dye my facial hair white, otherwise I'm sure I can find fake facial hair. I may even go barefoot so I'll have tetanus shots on standby for when I step on rusty nails.

    Simple jackets are stupidly hard to find, but I think I'm gonna try to find a sweatshirt or something similar and cut it up a little. That idea seems like the only one that's gonna work.

    Feel free to keep helping though, I'll keep checking up.

    At least this is going better than my Sam costume.
  • It's to bad you can't change your body into freaky, shape-shifting bacteria.
  • Please make a note of what people guess your costume is supposed to be. I'm looking forward to that.
  • Will your face be blue, red, or green?
  • vyperspit;94874 said:
    It's to bad you can't change your body into freaky, shape-shifting bacteria.
    Or CAN I? ... Yeah I can't unfortunately. I was considering finding a way to do that until I realised it was scientifically impossible though.
    LuigiHann;94907 said:
    Please make a note of what people guess your costume is supposed to be. I'm looking forward to that.
    Check. If anyone guesses crazy televangelist then they're close, but I'm guessing some kind of Santaman or something.
    Molokov;94915 said:
    Will your face be blue, red, or green?
    Burnt sienna! Burnt sienna!

    I think I'll have to go with the regular white freakish hue though.

    On an actually related note, I have got hold of some kind of white blazer thing. I'm being told it's a "vintage jacket". It was clearly worth all 12 dollars, okay I'm being told 13, to completely ruin by safety pinning it to look more Hugh-ish.

    But apparently I look almost like Hugh Bliss so it's all good!

    Thanks for the suggestions and random whatnot.
  • I'm sure it will be magical, fabulous and all those other things :)
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