• Yes. And he is most likely coming back.
  • Bigby is incredibly hard to kill due to his parentage. He can be killed, though he pulls through more often than not due to pure stubbornness.
    • Well, in the comic he IS dead. At the very least, for now.

      To quote the author:

      "We've explored the idea of Snow and Bigby as the central, romantic, married relationship behind Fables, and we explored it pretty well, I think. It's on rocky ground right now because, you know, one of them happens to be dead at the moment, but that's neither here nor there."
  • The way things are going, I have a sneaking suspicion that his reassembled frozen self was kidnapped by someone who is going to revive him with magic that also binds him to their will, and/or reverts him to his old ways.
    • That would be a pretty good plot twist. This last arc is supposed to be an "all-out" of some kind anyway. Plus, it's good material for additional drama with Snow.
      • I doubt it would a plot twist . Bitch spratt says so in one part . "Binding will / love / lust etc etc" while making the ring . The question is , how fast Bigby will get out of the binding and what damage will be made till then . :/
        • For one thing, I'd very much like to see what contingency plan Fabletown has had for all those years in case Bigby turned on them. It's repeatedly stated that he'll be killed if he shows up at the farm, but I'm not at all convinced that anyone is actually capable of doing that. Even assuming that the dragon!raven is still around and Bigby is as susceptible to fire as he is to silver, I'm pretty sure his wind powers could overcome it.

          Frau Totenkinder is long gone, the only heroic fable still living with powers that even remotely approach his is his daughter, the North Wind. How she'll handle that is impossible to predict.
  • Bigby is the handsome character and he is very good
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