Auntie Greenleaf's tree theory Major evidence!!! The Myrtle Tree? The Flowers are everywhere!

Ok so i've been snooping the net for any fairy tales that had murder and prostitution in it and I stumbled across this fable of the Myrtle Tree. Now Auntie Greenleaf mentions that the tree in her apartment is from the old world and has ancient magic. The tree itself is shaped like a real Myrtle tree and she even has a privacy shield to change behind next to the glamour tubes location behind her couch. It has branches and flowers the same shape and color as a Myrtle Trees. Also on the title screen when starting the game, there is a purple flower motif in the background. These flowers are the same shapes as the flowers of a Myrtle Tree. Coincidence? i think not.

This is the Fable of the Myrtle Tree

A peasant woman gives birth to a stick of myrtle, which a prince then purchases for a great price. It turns out that a stunningly beautiful fairy lives within the myrtle stick, and soon begins sneaking into the prince’s bed in the dark to ‘play at mute sparrow’ with him. The prince takes her for his secret lover, after she confesses that she is a slave to his every whim and desire.Sadly – the Prince being entirely satisfied by the fairy – seven of his former prostitutes now find themselves out of work. So when the Prince is away on business, they sneak into his bedchambers and discover his fairy lover. The enraged prostitutes smash the fairy’s head open, and break her body into pieces. They all take a piece of her corpse – except the youngest, who takes only a single lock of golden hair. All that is left of the unfortunate fairy are her teeth, hands, blood and some bones. A servant, who was entrusted to water the myrtle, finds the grisly mess and buries it in the pot under the myrtle tree.The fairy manages to grow a new body from the buried flesh and bones, and reveals to the Prince her murderers’ identities. The prostitutes are all buried alive in the public sewer, save the youngest, who is married to the servant.-(Giambattista Basile. Il Pentamerone (Entertainment for the Young) 1634)

Now when Snow suggests that they burn the tree, the ground rumbles almost urging against it. It My theory is if the tree is indeed the Myrtle tree, could Faith's body be buried within the tree's soil like in the fable, and the rumbling was a warning to stop. Could Nerissa be the young one that is innocent and was brought into it? Could Hans possibly be the servant that discovered the body and buries it? Is Auntie Greenleaf the personification the peasant woman who gives the prince the tree, as well as being the Auntie Greenleaf of American folklore, Similar to how Frau Totenkinder is the personification of various witches?


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    IIRC, the first time the ground shook was when the Bigby was about to open Aunty Greenleaf's glamour tube and second was when Snow wanted to burn her tree. If the rumbling was caused by the tree and meant that it was disapproving of the action that was about to take place, then would mean that it didn't want Bigby to open the glamour tube. Which seems strange if it was trying to enact Faith's will.

    The way I saw it, the rumbling seemed to occur every time Aunty Greenleaf strongly disapproved of something. Which would imply that the rumbling is either caused by Aunty Greenleaf or that whatever's causing it is looking out for her interests.
  • I think the ground rumbling was just Aunty Greenleaf getting all pissy. But you should look up Hans who made the princess laugh, I don't think he's the killer but he defiantly has something to do with it.
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    I don't think the rumbling was caused by the Tree. If you choose to burn it, it doesn't make the ground rumble or do anything to protest.

    It being the Myrtle Tree is still entirely possible though. The fairy tale matches up very well with what is going on. Could be on to something here.
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    I did look him up. I firmly believe that he is somehow involved as well!
  • I hope so! I really do believe that it is the Myrtle tree based on various decorations around her apartment.
  • Nice theory.
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    Okay, I did a little more research and stumbled across another potential candidate for Aunty Greenleaf's tree: the bay laurel. Google image search turns up pictures that are good matches for Aunty Greenleaf's tree and, like the myrtle tree, it's also native to the Mediterranean region, so it can be said to be "from The Old World" (Africa, Europe, and Asia).

    The laurel tree is depicted in a Greek myth involving the god Apollo being struck with love for the nymphe Daphne who hated him. To escape Apollo's grasp, Daphne asked to be transformed from a beautiful maiden into a laurel tree. Apollo, still in love with her, then used his powers to ensure that she would stay forever green and thus would be forever held as a symbol of prosperity and everlasting life. Not sure if a Greek myth counts as a fable, but there are certainly similarities between this myth and the circumstances in the game.

    If the tree is in fact the bay laurel, then another interesting thing to note is the similarity between the name of the tree and the name of the voice actress who played Aunty Greenleaf and Rachel. Bay Laurel and Laura Bailey. The name "Laura" also means "bay laurel." This might just be an odd coincidence, but it could have been an intentional stealth pun or something by the devs.
  • Nice find on the laurel tree! I suppose mythology can be consider a Fable. Considering Adonis is featured as a star dancer at the Pudding and Pie.
    Although I believe Laura's name is just a coincidence.
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    The headless horseyman is hiding in the pipes, eerie rattling laughter MUHAHAHA, his head was buried under the tree (sleepy hallow).

    But You have no idea about the powerful forces of magic being used here. Earthquake. PsSTTTTTTT okay so I'll just burn your tree then, isn't that right Snow White. Yes please Bibgy, I don't want my ass cloned anymore, BURNNNNNN the Tree. "Aunty Greenleaf" NOOO you are so cruel, I am ruined whaaaa, I have nothing left, nothing at all, whaaaa. "Bigby nonsense your pipes are fixed.
  • WHAT?!? Are you high? cause I am and I still can't understand what the fuck you just wrote.
  • Guys I just noticed the flowers on the intro screen. They are the Myrtle trees!
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    Is it that hard to laugh? let me break the joke down for you in really easy steps.

    The topic is the myrtle tree and the eerie noise, (laughter) in the pipes.

    1) Heads are being decapitated, the horseyman's trait. In the film the Sleepy Hollow the horseyman was buried under the tree. This in a joke, are the demonically powerful forces of magic referenced by Auntie Greenleaf from the rattling pipe noises (earthquake)
    2) Whores are cloning Snow White so in obvious funny assumption she doesn't want her ass cloned. Hence her anger towards the tree
    3) Auntie Greenleaf cries at her loss when the tree was burned
    4) Bigby has done some successful plumbing once burning up the tree

    I shouldn't really have to spell that joke out
  • Sorry but you have a very odd sense of humor.
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    I don't know whether to take that as a compliment? From a kernel in the peanut gallery?

    Or what wasn't funny about any events further made into such an obvious cartoon comical joke?

    This game content is so seriously fabled

    You didn't understand fine ask? But to call me high, then say I have bad humor. Well i would honestly hate to imagine what you find funny.
  • I'll just take my leave now.
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    Whatever Cuckoo, I'd hate to be you otherwise I would be laughing at drugs and swearing when insulting cos that pops the corn.. So your using another account name now.
  • I really like the idea of the Myrtle tree for being her tree. I don't think it's Faith though, I'm not sure what she has to do with Aunty Greenleaf. But I think a more reasonable thing would be Rachel buried under the tree. Greenleaf would really not want the tree burned if it meant a rebirth of some kind for her daughter like the fairy got right? Just my idea.

  • Definitely a good theory, nice find !

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