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A big big big problem in my order

posted by AndromedaNoShun on - last edited - Viewed by 210 users
Hello, so I just received my latest order. Sam & max season 2 dvd check, surfin the highway paperback check, sam & max case file check (awesome), sam & max freelance police animated series... No dvds inside the box. I couldnt believe it ! The dvds 1 & 2 arent in the box ! O_O the bonus dvd is there though. That's soooo weird, I had never seen something like that !

Sooo, can you guys help a frenchie out ?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    You got the cover for the animated series, but not the actual discs? Or no animated series at all?

    You may want to write in to [email][/email], where one of us can help you a bit more formally, but someone will be along to help you soon, I'm sure.
  • Was the animated series shrinkwrapped when you received it?

    As Jake mentioned, please write in to support and we'll ship you a new one.
  • Yeah, sorry about the forum thread, I only realized I should have sent it to support afterwards.

    Basically, I received the shrinkwrapped box, and it contained everything except the two actual discs. the dvd slim boxes are there, the bonus disc is there, the little ad for other dvds is there, and the sweet sticker is there. I'm guessing it was a mess up at the actual production factory.
  • Weird. Anyway, I'm shipping out a new one.
  • Thanks, I really appreciate it !
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