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Crazy ribbon theory

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I'm not sure about this, it just popped into my head and I wanted to get off my chest.

"Once upon a time, a young man married a maiden who always wore a ribbon around her neck. She never took off and she never explained why. Several decades later, when the wife was on her death on her death bed, she finally permitted her husband to remove her ribbon. As soon as he did so, her head fell off. The End."

Most of us, myself included, are assuming the ribbons worn by Georgie's prostitutes are enchanted to force them to reply "These lips are sealed." to any question that jeopardize Georgie's business. I'm wondering if perhaps they're also fitted with a spell that decapitates the prostitutes if you try to simply pull off the ribbon. That would give our killer a quick and convenient method.

Probably not. Georgie might have come up with a safe guard against removing the "These lips are sealed" ribbon. But I don't think he'd go quite that far. Other opinions?
  • This would also explain Bigby's hunch/ Observation that magic was involved in the decapitation of Faith's head in Episode 1.
    Edit: he mentions the cut being strange, can't recall his exact words.
  • Excellent theory. :)
  • I thought of the same thing, from the moment that Faith first brought up her ribbon back in episode one. I think this theory is probably correct.
  • Nice catch. That would also mean that the killer would KNOW about the ribbons and that spell, which potentially limits the list of suspects. It also makes sense in that there were no signs of struggle on Lily's body. If all one had to do to kill one of the girls was pull the ribbon, there would be no need to subdue her, especially not if she wasn't on her guard around the killer.
  • This is one of the better theories I've seen on the forums. Bumpity, bump-bump; bumpity, bump-bump...
  • I agree -- partially. It's not ALSO fitted with a decapitation spell; it is either fitted ONLY with such a spell, or it does something else.

    Here's something that pretty much proves it isn't what keeps the girls from talking: The mirror says: "Through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed unfortunately for you, these lips are sealed." "What?" (says Bigby). "These lips are sealed. It's not my choice of phrasing, Bigby. It's simply the way it has to be." THE MIRROR WEARS NO RIBBON.
  • Hahaha So any working girls are given exploding neck collars, made for them as a gag of silence. LMAO

    When if any magical ribbons are removed, their heads tumble. Why wouldn't any of those whores just pry their trade specifically the oldest profession in the book somewhere else with a less restrictive criteria. They need the protection LOL

    Your theory is somewhat refuted by Lilly having bruising on her neck outside of the decapitation marks. Somebody had removed her ribbon also the Snow White costume dress was torn without any blood on it. Which is specifically the costume Crane had left explicit instructions for in his fantasy.
  • But that's old, I knew it since I saw Faith (:
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