Your Most WTF Moment in the game ?



  • When Carlos left the responsibility of turning off the engine to Clem.
  • when kenny went total asshole on nick and luke at the table for NO reason -_-
  • Nick doesn't have to die. Just have to convince Walter that Nick is a good person. I didn't play the scenario in which Nick dies though, that would be sucky.

    That dog. And Matthew. And especially OH S*** MATTHEW WAS THAT GUY!? And I think most of all, watching Nick die wit

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    I know it's a rather infamous one around here now, but when Kenny dropped the saltick on Larry. I just didn't see it coming while I was trying to revive him.

    Was funny, 'cause me and Lee both said the same thing at the same time; "Kenny, what the fuck!?"
  • Yeah, it was kind of cheesy. I wish they just put some kind of hint that Kenny was at Carver's camp this whole time but then died and left some kind of note or sign before Clem could come to that place. Kenny's return was fan service in my opinion.

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    I understand what you mean, I can't deny myself that I had a little smile on my face when Clem and Kenny had their catch up talk :') (And even though this point has been mentioned many times before, I was hoping for more than "I got lucky")

  • When Larry punched Lee out when you were frantically trying to leave the Drug store after saving clem. When I played I yelled WTF NOO! Haha
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    I have this one thing what's WTF to me, S1E2

    When Lee and Mark are checking the area and pushing those walkers off the fence.

    Shit happend and Lee and Mark takes core, and Lee gets this tractor to move, then these other Walkers are magically appearing and Mark says it was one of a Walker they pushed off erlier, Okay... They aren't the same ones and even if we assumed they are some walkers they pushed offscreen (which isnt the case cause they only walked from the gate to that tractor) those walkers are like 8 meters away from the fence?

    And when they escaped the bandits and went back to Andy he said he heard Mark yell and assumed it was "all clear" and turned on that generator, but actually he turned it on before Mark screamed (cause he got arrowed).
  • It made perfect sense that Lee had a nightmare, specially at that time. What I meant was that it would've made no sense for Clem to just turn into a zombie for no reason. That's what made me say WTF.
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    Actually it kind of does, I been on a healthy diet for about the last few months. The other day i had the best dream about food, before a telemarketer woke me up. I think people dream what is in their mind at least sometimes 0_o.

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