• kenny in a heartbeat
  • I think Kenny's about to snap, and I didn't like him refusing to let clem stay with her friends, so Luke.

    I would trust season 1 Ken more, but he's about to break.
    • Ok, Kenny has issues, but you know him. What do you know about Luke? He seems really nice, but only because everyone else is jerk.
      • I suppose that' where we differ, because I disagree that everyone else is a jerk'. I think all of the people in the group are good people.

        To be honest,. Clem knows hardly anything about Kenny from season 2 as she never spoke to him. She saw his most irrational actions in fact, and missed his most heroic ones.

        On the other hand,. Clem herself has had a lot of personal interaction with Luke, and more than she had with Kenny.

        Also, Luke doesn't tell you that you can't stay with Kenny, whereas Kenny does so the other way round.

        Luke is in a position to be much more trusted by Clementine herself, as they have had more personal interaction, and so I believe it would be best for her to stay with Luke. Especially as Kenny may be about to do something really really stupid because of his fragile mental state.
  • Kenny straight away, no questions asked. At the table I said I'm saying and Kenny got dead happy. Team Kenny in da hood. Luke is all right though, I trust him but Kenny beats anyone. Gonna bring the storm down on Carver's crib.
  • Luke Luke Luke. I remember watching the TellTale crew live at PAX when episode three came out for season one, they said initally it was going to be Clem and her older brother, significantly older brother, in his twenties. I FIRMLY believe Luke is the manifestation of that 'older brother' character they had but scrapped for good reasons to make room for Lee. This means he'll protect her, teach her skills and most importantly, treat her like an equal instead of an eleven year old. They work amazing as a duo, and I feel like they wouldn't need others to be okay.

    Kenny, however, seeing as he's already replaced Katjaa, I'm concerned about his plans for Clementine. He's a very family orientated guy, and he may be heading back into that direction..
  • I would probably choose luke , even though i really like kenny
    I have this picture in my mind , clementine chooses to flew with luke from ( i dont know ) a heard of walkers (?) and kenny looks one last time to clementine, not scared by the walkers that surround him, but just sad/depressed at clementine, because she was the last person he would really call family, and she left him ( I know, sarita is pretty important for him too .... but i think the connection between kenny/clem is stronger than to sarita) , befor he is being eaten alive ....
  • Kenny without question
    He is the last person Clementine can call 'family' anymore. He was with her from the beginning and I want him to stick around till the end. I don't trust Luke, I dunno why everyone is so open to him. We know nothing of his past life, he's to 'nice' and overall he has done nothing to stick up for Clem but acts like he has earned the right to be bestfriends with her.
    At the dinner table when you ask to stay with Kenny he gets all uptight about it like you should want to stay with him. I trust Nick more than I trust Luke. I just can't connect with him, he's Mr.Perfect.
    "Hey the group is in danger, better run off" At least Kenny had the balls to stick around.
    It's a no brainier for me to be honest. Kenny all the way and I know I'm gonna get slaughtered for hating on Telltales new writing tool Luke but I don't want him forced on me.
    • Damn right. Kenny had my back fully in Season One, and there is no way I'm trusting anyone except people who I know would fully give their lives to take care of Clementine. (Christa too, but we don't know what happened to her) We don't know what in the hell is going on with Luke at the moment, and I know Kenny is rough around the edges but he is a guy I can actually trust to look after her.

      Kenny considered my Lee and Clem family in Season One, and just like I did with Lee, I'm remaining loyal to him until the end, because Kenny did the same for me.
    • I'm really not bothered in the slightest about the likes and dislikes system but can you please back up your dislikes with some opinion please? At least put some effort in guys :P
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      Moowtje72 BANNED
      Totally agreed, the same opinions.
  • I don't know. The thing about Kenny is that he is clearly about to break. He seems to not be able to get over Kat and Duck, and Clem and Sarita seem to be replacements. He seems to be projecting the loss of his family onto them. Luke on the other hand does seem to be more stable and more level-headed than Kenny. However, I feel we don't know enough about him to fully trust him yet.
  • "Jesus, I can't handle this."
    But seriously... I sat for like five minutes deciding who the SIT with... and now which one to actually leave with?
    If this decision occurs... I will spend like 20 minutes on it. I will probably say Luke first. This is just because Kenny seems unstable... but I will definitely replay the episode the other way as well.
  • I'd go with Luke. I trust him and I love how he wants to protect Clem, but also treats her as an equal and lets her do things on her own.

    On the other hand, I never liked how Kenny handled things, I don't trust him (who says he won't let Clem die like he did with Lee if she disagrees with him), and on top of that he seems mentally unstable now.
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