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Will we ever see Lily again?

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Just give me your thoughts and such.
  • I don't see how it would be impossible. So, why not?
  • If you play season 1 again, yeah.
  • Well I think she'll pop up again SOON
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    CathalOHara Moderator
    I don't think we will. And I won't really miss her either. Other than whatever 400 Days characters we'll see in the future, I think that's all the Season One characters we'll see in Season Two with how far we're in it.

    Unless... we get a flashback or dream sequence featuring Lee. That, would really pull my heart strings.
  • I'd like to see her again. Her story didn't really have a good end to it, no real progress to her character, with no idea what will happen to her especially considering her mental state. maybe its for the best we don't know not every story has a clean ending like Kenny's did until he came back, and to be honest the only clean ending is death. So yea I'd like to see lily come back but I don't think she will. She'd just die if she came back anyway.
  • If we see her again and Kenny is around that fight will be epic.
  • I want her back, not only because I like her character, but because I feel that her story was left uncompleted. Her fate still remains unknown, and I would like to at least know what happened to her if she doesn't return.
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    CrazyGeorge BANNED
    probably, As long as this games profitable, i'm sure we will see her again.
  • As much as I was mad at Lilly for killing off Carley, I think I'm kinda past that. I even kinda think it made the game better giving you something to major to grieve about and showing that in the zombie apocalypse, no one is ever safe. And I want to see Lilly return, but I don't have high hopes that it will either. Besides the Carley thing I think she was a great character.
  • I really want to see her again... She needs to redemp herself for what she did :(
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      CrazyGeorge BANNED
      In my opinion it was Kenny's Fault, when she crushed Lilly's dad head with a salt lick she got PTSD and went psycho. He didn't need to go that extreme, i know CPR! Not making excuses for Lilly, just she isn't the only one to blame in my mind.
      • I know, but Kenny got his chance to redemp saving Ben/Christa but telltale don't give Lilly the oportunity to redemp, I'd like to see her again she was a good character and her story wasn't completed..
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