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I don't like Toad.

I don't know which tale Toad was in....the one 'a toad becomes a prince when he gets kissed'? anyway...

I don't like him, he doesn't get glamour at all(can't afford..ok..but Bigby doesn't make rules, why does he grumble at Bigby)
Actually everyone is angry about Bigby not coming by in time, but he is only one wolf, can't be omnipresent. Toad doesn't appreciate at all whenever Bigby visits, while he fights for fables till his shirt gets soaked with blood.

and, interrogating is brutal thing, why did he peek, and made his son look at the mirror?
He Is a lousy father doing that,
interrogating a suspect is bigby's job, it's not supposed to be a pretty thing and why is Toad upset?

I'm starting to think Toad has something to do with all the cases(not murder part, though)
In movies, always the weakest, tiny one turns out to be something unexpected.


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    Yep Toad's a real croaker.

    In the story: Toad didn't have children? He was childlike, all he cared about was driving really fast. Badger his friend aka butler, guardian. His rivalry the Weasel's. In the big fight for ToadHall.

    Here: Toad is just a poor person who hates the divide protecting his family and home.

    The Mirror: Being used to see other people, although this may have been another Toad excuse. But who wouldn't want to see what was happening if being told Bigby has questions for his son? After the way the last interrogation at his home went, Bigby was gonna hit Toad for lying, before that his car was smashed.

    Toad's involvement: Come on now, yes, to some extent. Toad's son TJ had witnessed Lilly's body being dumped, the Tweedle's searching both Faith's and his Flat, Woody fight with Faith. Other involvement not having a glam discredits any other real involvement. Because had Toad known of the cheaper remedies. He would have gone to Greenleaf's instead of complaining about the costs. Or he would have had debts to the Tweedle's.
  • I like him. Hes funny. But whenever he acts annoyed with me. Im like Neeeeeeegaa plz
  • I'd be a miserable old toad if I lived in those conditions; murders, your son 'seeing' an incident and the wolf on your ass about glamours. He does get on my nerves, however. Frog legs are starting to sound good for some reason....
  • I am almost positive that Toad has some role in everything.

    In episode 1, the book in the Crane's office has a page about some kind of Toad Kingdom. Buffkin is really vague or doesn't talk about it, I can't exactly remember.

    That along with the fact that he's the first character we interacted with, and we're guided to sort of like him, makes me think that he is up to something,
  • He's from "The Wind in the Willows" I believe.
  • He didn't make his son look in the mirror, Toad Jr. just happened to be present.

    It is completely unethical to treat a prisoner like that, as Crane said, "It would be hard to justify this kind of violence toward someone" who you have no evidence on. You just can't punch someone because someone is dead. Turns out, both victims are innocent.
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    I agree that it was unethical. We don't really know if either of them are innocent though. In Dee's case, he at least probably played a hand in Lilly's murder.

    He didn't make his son look in the mirror, Toad Jr. just happened to be present. It is completely unethical to treat a prison

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    However, I'm pretty sure Toad didn't just watch a second and then turned to someone else, or Toad wouldn't be so angry at Bigby for only seeing him punching Dee once. He probably realized what Bigby was doing, and tried to show TJ the true person Bigby is.

    He didn't make his son look in the mirror, Toad Jr. just happened to be present. It is completely unethical to treat a prison

  • He's not from the Princess and the Frog tale. Flycatcher (If you chose to go to the Dee's and Dum's office, you'll see him) Was the frog from the tale. I won't go into specifics if you'd prefer me not to, but yeah. That's why they call him Flycatcher, because even though he's human, he still likes to eat bugs every now and again and always gets caught.
  • Toads somewhat of an asshole but a really funny one.
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    I adore Toad. He's so cranky and sarcastic and full of excuses. And he's a frog and a single father. A complete loser in every conceivable way.. He's just the epitome of the lazy, frustrated, downtrodden bottom-feeder, and the most perfect and convincing subversion of the classical fairytale "talking animal" imaginable.

    And on top of that he's your very first taste of the atmosphere in the game. I had never played any of Telltale's games before The Wolf Among Us, and was rather nervous about how they were going to adapt my favorite comic into a video game. But when I saw a pudgy frog in sweat pants and cardigan swearing at me and making excuses for his finances outside his shitty apartment, I knew everything was going to be alright.
  • Dat accent tho.
  • Probably not a good time with his son and all, but Snow should have said something about the glamour. How could she allow them to leave the office without glamour. Very weird.
  • Nice pic

    hes funny

  • thanks brother!
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    Nice pic

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