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the happiest dream ever

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As a counterpart to "the scariest nightmare" thread, what is the most happiest dream you had? I mean a dream that is so good, that you don't want to wake up from it. I had a dream that I was at a deserted beach with clear, blue skies and yellow sand. There were lots of parrots with all the colors of the rainbow on top of palm trees; and I was relaxing on a beach chair and sipping a watermelon/strawbery slushy. Ahhhhh....:cool: Yep, that was paradise. Too bad I had to wake up and go to school in the morning:(.
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  • Oh, many many dreams....

    Speak like, SBCG4AP dreams, realistic Strong Bad Dreams....dreams of being eaten....ah....
  • I had some funny dreams about several Video Games.
  • Hey, I'm flattered that there's a counterpart! Thanks for that, vyperspit! :D

    The happiest dream ever for me... my personal favorite dream wasn't so much happy as it was bizarre and random. I accidentally ran over a pedestrian or two, and I was pulled over by a fat, moustached cop with a bald head. He said, "I hope you're proud of yourself! You just ran over people, you [censored]. Now get in my car! We're gonna [censored] party! WOO!"

    So I got into the cop's car, and we went to get a sandwich for lunch. I said, "Should I buy my own sandwich?" He responded, "No, you may not! I'll buy one for you!"

    Then I woke up.
  • The one with those hot chicks with bakinis.
  • Holy gosh
    I had this dream about a week ago:
    SO I'm in my room but I have with me a freakin' portal gun with me. It doesn't have the three prongs on the end, though. It had 2 dials: One controlled the color, i had "Blue" on the left side, "Orange" on the left side, and "love" in the middle. The second dial controlled the size of the portal. So, I screw around with it, doing hilarious, stupid stuff
    Later in the dream, It's like a cross between Assassin's Creed, Portal, and Legend of Zelda. I look like a cross between Link andAltair and I solve this mini-block puzzle on the door to the main villain's childhood home in order to unlock it, go in, and find a way to defeat him. So, I get inside, and two Stalfos (From LoZ), which are the remains of his parents, attack me. This is like a zelda miniboss fight. The mother is stronger than the father, and she parries whenever I attack head on. But the strategy is that I have to engage the dad, then as she's preparing to attack from behind, and turn around and hit her. After they're defeated (With some help from my portal un), they revert back to their normal forms. The dad looks like a very sinister looking Joker (Not the Heath Ledger version) and the mom is just very obese. This law-enforcment guy comes in and goes like "What have you done?" apparently, i wasn't supposed to beat them. The law-enforcement guy ties them to a stake (like for witch burnings) outside. Apparently, the main bad guy is worshipped as a god by many, including his parents. Then there's this really dramatic scene where the Joker-dad (Tied up) is against the sunset with a mournful look on his face and (In an equally mournfully manner) says "He [(His son)] likes a man who laughs"
    And that's where it ends.
    I was very disappointed to wake up without my Portal Gun >:(
  • Any where I'm Daniel Radcliffe's girlfriend and it's even better when I get off with him in them.
  • I had a dream where I was in my room. Someone was there. It was Sybil. And then in the doughnut box, there was a wedding cake!
  • I don't have happy dreams.
  • I... I met the girl... the girl of my dreams... I could hardly remember...

    I am single, therefore, my non-existing wife will not get mad at me.
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